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by Mary Tjotjos

2021 Presenters

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Aly Alidina, Founder, Ayurooms

Bev Maloney-Fischback,
Organic Spa Media

Alexandra Dusenberry, Cal-A-Vie

Christopher R. House, Cal-A-Vie

Cindy Keske

Dr. Michael Breus, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Sleep Specialist, Author

Marci Zaroff, Founder, YES AND

Katrina Frey, Executive Director, Frey Vineyards

Nicky Coachman-Robinson, Frey Vineyards

John Ayo,  Wellness Expert, Sales Specialist, Author

Jyoti Gautam,  Kamalaya

Sujay Shesadri,  Kamalaya

Lauren Roxburgh,  Founder, Aligned Life Studio

Christian Butler, Vice President, Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirit Co.

Michela Abrams, Founder, MOCA+

Isabelle Hamel, Wellness Educator

Nikki Sharp, Best Selling Author

Patti Temple Rocks, Best Selling Author

Robert Thurman, Co-Founder and President, Tibet House US/Menla

Sandeep Agarwalla, Head of Yoga, Ananda

2021 Panel Moderators

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Abbie Kozolchyk, National Geographic author, writer and editor

Adam Glickman, Parallax Wellness & Hospitality

Amie Valpone, best-selling author of Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body

Celia Shatzman, OSM & Forbes Columnist

Jed Wexler, Executive Director, Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference 

Jen Murphy, Wall Street Journal

Kristin Meekof, Best-Selling Author

Laura Begley Bloom, Forbes

Laura Powell, Wellness and Travel Journalist

Mary Anderson,  Deputy Director of Fitness

Rona Berg, Organic Spa Media

Sallie Fraenkel

2021 Panelists

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Aleks Vranicic, VP Sales & Technical Training, Yum Gourmet Skincare

Ana Maria Varela, Director of Sales & Marketing, Explora Adventure Travel Outfitters

Anna Bjurstam, Six Senses

Anne Biging, Healing Hotels of the World

Barry Cik, Naturepedic

Carlyn Rosenblum, Founder, MTHR Nutrition

Cary Collier, Principal, Blu Spas

Chase Polan

Chris Kilham, Founder, Medicine Hunter

David Germain, Regional Director of Seychelles Island Tourism

David Krebs, President, ADoK Architecture & Architect

Dolores Gangotenam De Diez, Founder & Public Relations, Expedition in
Galapagos Islands 

Douglas Drummond, Director, Esalen Healing Arts and Somatics

Dr. Andrew Jagim, Director of Sport Medicine Research for the Mayo Clinic

Dr. Casey Means, Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Levels Health

Dr. Gerry Curatola, Holistic Dentist

Dr. Jeff Morrison,  Holistic Doctor, MD, The Morrison Center

Dr. Kevin Sprouse, Head of Medicine, EF Education First Pro Cycling

Dr. Kristem Willeumier, Neuroscientist, Author

Dr. Melanie Smith, Health Tourism Worldwide

Elena Brower, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Best Selling Author, Artist

Emily Barth Isler, Writer & Natural Beauty Editor

Jake Haupert, CEO, Transformational Travel Council 

Jason Paluch, Director of Spa and Wellness, Mandarin Oriental, Boston

Jean-Guy de Gabriac, CEO, TIP TOUCH International

Jeannie Jarnot, Founder & CEO,
Beauty Heroes

Jennifer Beck, Co-Founder & CEO, Jihi

Jessica Mulligan, Co-Founder,
Winged Woman

Jim Root, Enchantment Group Director of Well Being & Mii Amo General Manager

Johnny Jet, Editor-In-Chief, JonnyJet.com

Jon Carder, CEO, Vessel

Jon Martin, General Manager, The Ranch at Rock Creek

Karim Orange, Emmy nominated 'Clean' Makeup Artist

Karina Stewart, Founder & Chief Wellness Director, Kamalaya

Kim Marshall, Co-founder of S'well

Taylor Rae Almonte, Co-founder,

Laszlo Puczko, CEO & Co-Founder, Health Tourism Worldwide 

Laura Itzkowitz, Travel & Leisure

Lauren Korzan, Regional Program Manager, Aquila

Lisa Niren, CEO, Studio

Lynn Curry, Principal, Curry
Spa Consulting

Manon Pilon, President, Labortoire Nelly De Vusyt

Mark Hennebry, Chairman, Ensana

Martine Bury, Content Strategist & Journalist

Max Simon, CEO, Greenflower Media

Michelle Ranavart,  Founder,
Ranavat Botanics

Mim Senf,  CEO Motivity & Co-Founder Global Women 4 Wellbeing 

Patrick Huey, Vice President of Spa and Retail, Montage Intl.

Paul Schulick, Co-Founder, For the Biome

Rainer Jenss, Founder, the Family
Travel Association 

Dr. Ralph Esposito, Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist, Author

Rosalba Elizabeth Velazquez Becerra, Wellness Director Chable Maroma

Sandra Ramani, OSM & Robb Report

Sara Clemence, Co-Founder,
The Expedition 

Sarah Villafranco,  M.D., Founder & CEO, Osmia Organics

Shayna Taylor, Regenerative Farmer, Bottle & Stone

Shel Pink, Author

Simon Marxer, Group Spa Director, Miraval Resorts

Steve Nygren, Founder & CEO, Serenbe

Steve Rosenfeld, Columbia

Susan Hirsch, Formulation Manager,
Gaia Herbs