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by Mary Tjotjos

Aly Alidina, Founder, Ayurooms

Aly Alidina is the Founder of Ayurooms, a travel platform for discovering India‚Äôs best resorts for holistic health and wellness.  Aly was born and raised in Vancouver, BC and educated at the Ivey Business School in Canada and subsequently at the Vlerick Business School in Belgium. His initiation into the world of alternative health started at age 14, after multiple back surgeries and then 20+ years of physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage. Finally, at age 35, Aly stumbled upon Ayurveda, which relieved him of chronic back pain and, more importantly, empowered him to look after his own spine and health. Having been liberated from his dependency on chiropractors and other therapists, Aly founded Ayurooms in 2016. His mission is to help others discover Ayurveda and find lasting solutions to their health problems. Aly believes that Ayurveda is for everyone and with it, seemingly incurable conditions can be alleviated, even healed. It all starts with a conscious Ayurvedic detox in India!