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by Mary Tjotjos

Katrina Frey, Executive Director, Frey Vineyards

Katrina Frey is Executive Director for Frey Vineyards, Ltd. in Redwood Valley, CA. Since founding the pioneering organic and Biodyanmic® winery in 1980 with her husband, Jonathan, and his brother, Matthew, she has worn many hats: grape picker, wine bottler and sales director. She spent the 1990’s traveling and promoting USDA organic wines to Expo East and West, wine trade shows, IFOAM and many state distributors. Her efforts created a new and vibrant category for pure wines in the worldwide wine market. Consumer demand continues to grow today with Frey Vineyards producing 220,000 annual cases.

After graduating from Earlham College in Richmond, IN in 1973, Katrina moved to Northern California where she studied Biodynamic farming under Alan Chadwick, the influential English horticulturist. Katrina was president of the board for Demeter Association USA, and past vice president of the CCOF Mendo/Lake Chapter.

In March 2004, Mendocino County made history by passing a citizen’s initiative to ban the propagation of genetically engineered crops and animals. Katrina was a member of the strategy team and fundraising chair. She continues to work on issues surrounding GMO’s and organic crops.

With the Frey team, she is busy building a new state of the art winery after the wildfires of October 2017 destroyed much of the winery. Katrina is also enjoying tending the five honeybee swarms that arrived at Frey Vineyards this spring.