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Welcome to Organic Spa, the leading authority in wellness travel, natural beauty and healthy living. Born in 2007 with deep respect for the body of wisdom that emanates from health spas globally, Organic Spa quickly expanded beyond spa boundaries to embrace everything that envelops one in a life of wellbeing and wellness—wherever that may be.

Organic Spa inspires the reader to relax, reflect and rejuvenate through news, tips, ideas, and rich feature articles that touch upon every aspect of a life well lived—including pillars of self-nurture and balance in an environment that is natural and sustainable and honors our planet. A quick read through the current content, whether online or in print, can serve as a refreshing break from a busy day, while a slow and luxurious perusal is akin to a nourishing, restful meditation.

As the world of wellness now exceeds a value of 4.2 trillion globally, and continues to grow at unprecedented rates, Organic Spa offers an oasis of thoughtfully curated quality content on the best of the best in wellness living today. Organic Spa provides its audience with insight and informed advice on natural beauty and skin care, transformative wellness travel, healthy living topics, fitness and food, eco fashion and design, and much, much more. And our audience benefits from the knowledge, wisdom and inspiration of today’s thought leaders who grant exclusive interviews that provide insights that can be applied to everyday living.

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