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by Mary Tjotjos

Dr. Jeff Morrison,  Holistic Doctor, MD, The Morrison Center

Dr. Jeffrey Morrison is an award-winning medical doctor, leader in the field of Integrative Medicine, and champion of a nutritional approach to healthcare.  His focus is on preventing and reversing degenerative and chronic diseases by enhancing the body’s innate ability to heal and detoxify itself.

In 2002, Dr. Morrison opened The Morrison Center, in NYC, where he has used his successful integrative medicine and nutritional approach for patients with many types of medical conditions.

Dr. Morrison has an undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester and received his medical doctorate from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia.  He is board certified in Integrative Medicine and trained in Family Practice and Environmental Medicine.  The focus of his practice is Integrative / Functional and Environmental medicine.

Dr. Morrison is the author of Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind and has made many television appearances including The View, written journal articles, chapters for textbooks, and has lectured throughout the country in the field of integrative and environmental medicine.  Visit, www.morrisonhealth.com to follow him on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, and watch his videos on YouTube.