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by Mary Tjotjos

Paul Schulick, For the Biome

Paul's passion for natural healing began as a young child while accompanying his pediatrician dad on house calls. Paul understood that it wasn't simply the medicine that enlivened healing, but the loving
care emanating from his father to his patients. In the early 1970’s, Paul embarked on a formal study of alternative health through personal explorations into healing and avid readings of the naturopathic
greats of our time. Paul formalized his Master Herbalist training at The School for Natural Healing under the direction of Dr. John Christopher, which ignited his passion for teaching, lecturing and formulating. His early herbal formulations were recognized as “new chapters” and set the stage for a procession of singular contributions to the food supplement industry.
In 1986, Paul formulated the products we now know as New Chapter dietary supplements, the first line of whole food probiotic nutrients integrated with holistic herbal extracts. Upon their move to Vermont,
Paul and his wife Barbi, began the intensive building of New Chapter, beginning in their home and then expanding into larger and larger facilities. Recognizing the tremendous healing potential of ginger in the
early 1990s, Paul was the first to integrate the technology of supercritical extraction into a full line of ginger products and wrote his first book, Ginger Common Spice & Wonder Drug. He then founded the
first organic and now Biodynamic blue ring ginger farm in Costa Rica in 1994. In 2000, he wrote a book on the links between cyclooxygenase (COX-2) and arthritis, some cancers and Alzheimer's, Beyond Aspirin.
He formulated Zyflamend, the first of its kind multi-herb, natural anti-inflammatory/natural COX-2 inhibitor which has 24 published studies (pubmed.gov) from prestigious research facilities including, but
not limited to: MD Anderson Cancer Center, Columbia Presbyterian, Cleveland Clinic, Nanjing Medical University, University of Tennessee, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. In 2005, New Chapter became the first to achieve Organic certification in the supplement industry under
the standards of the USDA National Organic Program, and subsequently was the first vitamins and supplements to be Non-GMO Project Verified.
Over a 20+ year period, Schulick formulated and launched several innovations that quickly rose to the number #1 selling rank in categories including, prenatal vitamins, men’s vitamins, women’s vitamins,
herbal formulations, herbal singles, mushrooms, calcium, etc. elevating New Chapter to the leadership, #1 brand according to SPINS/neilsen) in the natural products industry. First US company awarded the Prestigious Science Varro E Tyler award in 2011. First major US supplement company to become a B Corp, verifying the essential ethics of conscientious
business practices. 2012 New Chapter was acquired by Procter and Gamble, marking P&G’s first entrance into the vitamin
and supplement market. Schulick remained as a founder for 6 years under P&G’s ownership. His new venture is For The Biome.