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by Mary Tjotjos

Steve Nygren, Founder & CEO, Serenbe

Steve Nygren began his career in the hospitality industry, eventually starting a restaurant. corporation that grew to 36 restaurants. In 1994, he and his wife Marie retired to a farm outside Atlanta, with their three daughters. Six years later, he became concerned about urban sprawl invading their adopted country paradise and in 2000 led the effort to create the Chattahoochee Hill Country Alliance to bring together landowners, developers, and conservationists to find a mutually agreed upon solution for balanced growth. Through two years, a land use plan was adopted to preserve 70% of the 40,000 acres on the edge of Atlanta while providing 20% more housing that traditional suburban sprawl yield. In 2004, the Nygren’s began the development of Serenbe interlacing agriculture with a range of housing choices mixed with shops, galleries, restaurants and a full-service Inn. The result is reminiscent of century-old communities where many of your needs are within a walkable distance and neighbors know each other. Today, Steve serves as the CEO of Serenbe and lives in the community full-time.