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by Mary Tjotjos

Mim Senf,  CEO Motivity & Co-Founder Global Women 4 Wellbeing 

Mim Senft is the CEO of Motivity Partnerships, Inc. a consulting firm that helps organizations create integrated, actionable and measurable engagement, health and gender/D&I strategy for their workforce. She is also the co-founder of Global Women 4 Wellbeing (GW4W), a nonprofit organization focused on empowering more healthy female leadership at all levels for a more sustainable world. She holds certifications in group benefits, worksite wellness and property casualty insurance. Mim Senft combines her benefits underwriting, HR, finance and health/wellbeing expertise to provide more effective ways to create work cultures that are resilient and intentionally inclusive. She has over 20 years of corporate experience in project management, benefits design, health and wellbeing program strategy and implementation, with a focus on equitable solutions for women and employees from diverse backgrounds in the workplace.

As a speaker and facilitator, she has organized and led workshops and think tanks with an evidenced-based approach that incorporates the connection between health and wellbeing and effective leadership at all levels for diverse industries.