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by Mary Tjotjos

Lisa Niren, CEO, Studio

Lisa serves as Chief Content Officer and Head Instructor for Studio, a connected fitness immersive experience, digital fitness application and media company based out of New York City, with a wealth of experience teaching fitness and working as a fitness professional in New York City. She developed a passion for fitness at a young age. A lifelong athlete, Lisa grew up playing competitive tennis, field hockey, basketball, and swimming. Lisa’s love for cycling began outdoors in the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania, where she and her family often went mountain biking.

However, it wasn’t until she moved to New York to attend college at New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business that she became hooked on indoor cycling and strength plus functional training, with a passion that quickly led her to the instructor podium.

After college, Lisa worked as a CPA consultant performing transaction advisory work. Indoor cycling quickly became her “safe haven” after a grueling workday. In the saddle, she could regain clarity and composure and find the energy for the day ahead. Lisa began teaching part time, but soon made the transition to teaching full time. Lisa went on to be head coach at Peloton, Flywheel Sports and Cyclebar in New York City. Additionally, Lisa has worked as a trainer at CITYROW, is a certified Personal Trainer in NYC and has instructed boot camps, kettlebells, and TRX classes.

Lisa’s classes are a high-energy, calorie-burning experience that challenge her students physically and inspires them mentally and emotionally. Lisa sees each workout as an opportunity to rise above any obstacle and believes that going beyond the limits in class allows you to go beyond the limits in everyday life.

When not teaching, Lisa enjoys wandering around NYC and exploring new neighborhoods and restaurants, CrossFit, Olympic lifting, cheering on her beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, and cooking gourmet gluten-free meals.