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by Mary Tjotjos

Taylor Rae Almonte, Co-founder, ACTIV-ISM

Taylor Rae Almonte is a Brooklyn based Afro-Latina actor, athlete & activist. She utilizes her unique skill set to educate, empower and amplify marginalized voices in all aspects of her life. Her Fitness Activism work meets at the intersection of racial justice and wellness. She is the co-founder of ACTIV-ISM, an anti-racism wellness program, alongside Kira West. Taylor is on the founding board of Claim Our Space Now, a non-profit organization whose mission is emboldening urgent action to dismantle white supremacy and save Black lives. She is also a founding member of Fit For Us, a national organization that advocates, empowers and serves Black fitness professionals and underserved communities. Taylor has a weekly anti-racism newsletter focused on fighting systemic oppression through education and community.

Taylor is a Rumble Boxing trainer and frequent contributor for Women’s Health Magazine. Her certifications include: NASM CPT, NASM MMA Conditioning Specialist, and she is currently pursuing her NASM CNC. She is proud to call herself a Reebok Athlete. Learn more at taylorraealmonte.com or @taylorraealmonte.