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by Mary Tjotjos

Dr. Kristem Willeumier, Neuroscientist, Author

Leading neuroscientist Dr. Kristen Willeumier, author of the new book, BioHack Your Brain: How to Boost Cognitive Health, Performance & Power. Dr. Willeumier is a neuroscientist who's created a groundbreaking, science-driven plan for revitalizing, nourishing, and rejuvenating your most essential asset: your brain. For years, she worked alongside Dr. Daniel Amen, who published over 30 books and 70+ articles to prove the importance of brain health. Her book is the first book to outline a strategy for COVID longhaulers. As a leading brain health strategist, she's proven we can use dietary and lifestyle modifications to rehabilitate the brain. For those who haven't had COVID, her tactics can keep the brain in top shape to minimize anxiety, depression, and the risk of Alzheimer's.