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by Mary Tjotjos

Jake Haupert, CEO, Transformational Travel Council 

Jake believes that we’d all benefit from a more conscious, purposeful form of travel. One that maximizes the potential to positively transform how we live our lives, how we live with others, and how we live on our planet. All of his work is rooted in the steadfast belief that transformative travel can incite change by breaking down divisions within and between us.

The world is changing... And now it’s time for conscious evolution in travel and tourism. Jake and The Transformational Travel Council are using this moment as a launchpad to something completely different... a transformation economy in a regenerative system. 

His vision, heart, and passion for transforming self and society have led to being quoted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Forbes, Skift, Shape, The Guardian, Vox, USAToday, NPR, and TL Talks.

He is also proud to be a Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor of Explorer X and ROAM Beyond. He exited his first company, Evergreen Escapes in 2018.