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by Mary Tjotjos

2020 The Wellness Experience Virtual Summit

Organic Spa Media launched The Wellness Experience Virtual Summitpowered by 6Connex in October, 2020. The two-day educational symposium featured wellness content and live experiences from leading experts, wellness advocates and influencers worldwide. In addition to the educational component, participants immersed themselves with live and pre-programmed experiences in wellness living, natural beauty and global wellness travel.

As attendees arrived virtually, they were greeted in the lobby with an introductory video, and hourly broadcasts were distributed, ensuring all attendees were aware of the panels and experiences taking place. Guests also had the opportunity to converse with leading experts via the Q&A chat function on the panels and the brand showcase sponsor page. To wrap the two-day immersive experience, attendees were provided with remarkable virtual gift bags including generous discount opportunities from the sponsors.

Event Lobby

Education Room

Experience Room

Brand Showcase