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by Mary Tjotjos

2020 Presenters

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Jolene Hart, Health Coach, Author

Matthew Holman, Simpila Healthy Solutions

Ashley Kohler, Destination Kohler

Bev Maloney-Fischback,
Organic Spa Media

Nikki Miller, Kohler Waters Spa

Josh Tomson, The Lodge at Woodloch

Dr. Aneesh Vadakkeveedu, Six Senses

Marci Zaroff, YESAND

2020 Panel Moderators

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Michela Abrams, MOCA+

Betsy Andrews, Editor

Emily Barth Isler, Journalist

Rona Berg, Organic Spa Media

Martine Bury, Surface

Laura Davidson, LDPR

Sallie Fraenkel

Adam Glickman, Parallax Wellness & Hospitality

Mary Beth Janssen, President of the Janssen Source

Abbie Kozolchyk, National Geographic author, writer and editor

Kristin Meekof, Best-Selling Author

Jen Murphy, Wall Street Journal

Nora Zelevansky, Journalist

Thor Holm, President of Green Spa Network Planet

2020 Panelists

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Belgin Aksoy, Global Wellness Day

Alexis Artin, Life Coach

Bonnie Baker, Satteva

Clifford Bast, Bast Sustainability/ESG & SDGs Consulting

Laura Begley Bloom, Forbes

David Bergman, Architect and EcoOptimist

Dafne Berlanga, GWS Sustainablility Initiative

Anne Biging, Healing Hotels of the World (Germany)

Anna Bjurstam, Six Senses

Elizabeth Bradley, Cleveland Clinic

Derrick Braun, Chef

Emlyn Brown, Accor

Joe Cannon, HyperIce

Jackie Caradonio, Departures

Barry Cik, Naturepedic

Kim Collier, CollierConcepts, BluSpasInc & JAMUspa

Christina Dorr Drake, Willa's Kitchen

Maggy Dunphy, SOS Project

Sophie Egan, NY Times, author of HOW TO BE A CONSCIOUS EATER

Susie Ellis, Global Wellness Summit

Jack Ezon, Embark Beyond

Brandon Frank, Clean Beauty Packaging
co: Pacific Packaging Components

Nikki Furrer, Author of A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO CANNABIS

Andrew Gibson, Advisor to the Wellness, Real Estate and Hospitality Industries

Lauren Grace, Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Avril Graham, Platinum Eye tv series

Heather Greenwood Davis, National Geographic

Dana Gunders, ReFED

Lola Gusman, Attorney

Suzie Hall, The Cornerstone Collective

Becca Hensley, Organic Spa Magazine writer and travel journalist

Matthew Holman, Simpila Healthy Solutions

Rachel Hutson, MyHempRx

Susan Inglis, Sustainable Furnishings Council

Ingram Casey, EscapeExplore

Jeannie Jarnot, Beauty Heroes

Steve Johnson Stevenson, Marketing Manager

Adam Kaye, Co-founder of Spare Food

Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter

Heather Kreider, Hempfield Botanicals

Jamie Larounis, Upgraded Points and The Forward Cabin

Jennifer Leigh, Travel writer and FORBES

Tania Leija

Vicki Mayo, TouchPoint Wellness

Jeremy McCarthy, MOHG

Nikki Miller, Kohler Waters Spa

Eileen Mockus, Coyuchi

Marty Munson, Men's Health

Danielle Nierenberg, Food Tank

Karim Orange, Emmy nominated 'Clean' Makeup Artist

Shelley Paxton, Soulbbatical

Wendy Perrin, WendyPerrin.com

Lai Ping Chik, Vice President Spa Division for YTL Hotels

Natasha Prybyla, Sloco

Sandra Ramani, OSM Contributor

Siobhan Reid, Travel & Leisure

Josh Rosebrook

Steve Rosenfeld, Columbia

Kimberly Rossi, The Art of Living

Lindy Rousseau, Singita

Kane Sarhan, The Well

Karen Schaler, Travel Therapy

Paul Schulick, For the Biome

Nikki Sharp, Best-Selling Author

Melanie Smith, Health Tourism Worldwide

Keith Sproule, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy

Karina Stewart

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, American physician and author of the S.H.I.N.E. protocol

Rebecca Tobin, Travel Weekly

Chris Vlaun, V Art of Wellness

Trent Ward, Forme Life

Dr. James Zender