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Jenna Mahoney

Jenna Mahoney is a Brooklyn-based magazine editor and writer. She specializes in travel, wellness, beauty and health. She has been on staff at Bridal Guide and Fitness. Jenna is also the author of Small Apartment Hacks (Ulysses Press, 2013), and is the new Fitness News columnist for Organic Spa Magazine.


Fitness News

By Jenna Mahoney / February 3, 2017
For all of the new tech syndromes they’ve brought us—iPhone Neck, Blackberry Thumb and Screen-induced Insomnia—smartphones have also become as
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Fitness News Roundup

By Jenna Mahoney / July 28, 2016
Fit Check InJaw-dropping surroundings, incomparable service, enormous and ultra-private accommodations, and restorative spas are the hallmarks of the uber-luxe
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