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A New Spin on Spinning

by Jenna Mahoney
Spin Studio

A generation ago, cycling indoors was a way to rehab from injury or train for long-haul races. Now, thanks to squads of soul sisters evangelizing tap backs and rhythm jogs, indoor cycling is no longer a boutique phase. And with good reason—the ultra-effective cardio workout scorches up to 800 calories in just 45 minutes. Plus, it helps strengthen and lengthen core muscles. Part of the appeal is that rides now offer all kinds of twists to turning up the torque. Here, some of our favorites.

The BodyHoliday

Climb hills, race on straightaways and keep the pace with the pack from the most unusual perch—a treehouse. Unlike most spin studios, which are all about the lights out, this intimate space at St. Lucia’s resort spa The BodyHoliday is bright, breezy and boasts excellent natural views. Classes are included in the nightly rate

Aqua Studio

At this Tribeca spin studio in downtown New York City, bikes are semi-submerged in water. Riders pedal in sync in the pool for a low-impact, high-calorie burn 45-minute workout. Devotees can choose from a variety of classes including restorative sessions that include yogic breathing and stretching along with endurance moves.

Low impact workout

IMAX Shift

Fly over Paris, float through a space-age video game and groove with larger than life Beyoncé all while pedaling to the thumping beat in an oversize IMAX stadium theater at IMAX Shift. Based in Dumbo, Brooklyn this newer-to-the-scene studio inspires riders with epic—and immersive—IMAX visuals, specific instruction and rockin’ soundtracks.


With rugged neon signs, graffiti wall art and Vivienne Westwood quotes in the bathrooms, this duo of studios with bondage-inspired decor feels more like a downtown club. Classes at MNSTR Cycle, which are 45 minutes long, feature weights, choreographed pedaling and loads of sweating, are set to high-impact playlists and old-school music videos.

Walk on Water

The much-lauded, long-awaited ultra eco partnership of adidas with Parley is finally ready for consumers. In addition to crafting shirts for pro soccer powerhouse teams Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, the collaboration has recently launched limited edition running shoes. Like the sports shirts, the UltraBOOST Uncaged sneakers are made of discarded plastic found in the ocean near the Maldives islands. Priced at under $200 a pair, the companies aim to produce one million pairs by year’s end.

Camptown Races

Come in first, help the world and get a medal to prove it when you participate in a virtual race. The concept is a simple one: Run the race of your choosing at your own pace and without having to participate in a massive event. Virtual Strides, a website and app for runners who want to make a difference, taps into your competitive side and your compassionate one with charity events.

Sign up for a race length of your choosing from 5k to a half marathon and you’ll be automatically eligible to raise money for a charity, too. The calendar of events corresponds to the nonprofit fundraising. Races and tracking is as customizable as you like (racers can use Fitbit to log time). So, mark, ready, set and cross the finish line whenever you want. Right now, trackers are specifically for runners.

Meditation Quickies

Let go, let loose, be in the moment. But the reality of achieving a mindful minute somehow never seems to take a mere 60 seconds. MDFL, the boutique meditation studio with outposts throughout NYC, recently launched an online video series that achieves just that. Yep, there are options for finding center in a single minute, as well as other programs for as long as a half hour. Search for meditations based on intention, instructor and time available. 

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