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Fitness on the Go: Keeping Up your Routine

by Jenna Mahoney

It wasn’t so long ago that fitness on-the-go meant an aimless jog around your hotel. From excellent resort wellness offerings to programs like Class Pass, keeping up with your regular routine has never been easier.

A new streaming service called Jet Sweat takes it all to the next level. With unlimited access to top trainers, popular classes and boutique programs, the fitness app, which is available on Apple streaming, delivers challenging exercise instructional content to your device. Partnerships with top studios, which include such powerhouses as Bari Studio, IntenSati and Xtend Barre, are constantly being updated and added. Content can be mixed and matched for your desired intensity and level. And since everything can be synced with Apple HealthKit and iCalendar, you can track your fitness progress. jetsweatfitness.com

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