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Soothing Magnesium Soaks

by Organic Spa Magazine

Magnesium is more than just an element on the Periodic Table that you studied in chemistry class. In fact, it’s one of the most essential components to achieving total body health.

Magnesium is the second most abundant element in the human body, yet most of us are magnesium-deficient. This deficiency can cause problems ranging from acne to muscle aches and joint pain. Soaking in a relaxing magnesium bath is a simple way to not only make your skin more hydrated, but to also solve some of your most stubborn health issues. Here is the run-down on this great at-home treatment:

Why Magnesium: Magnesium is an essential element in our body’s composition, however our bodies also unfortunately consume it very easily. When we exercise or put our bodies through significant stress, huge amount of magnesium in the body is used up through the metabolic process. A depleted level of magnesium can bring on muscle cramps, joint weakness and even irritated skin as depleted cells start to fill with calcium deposits. A magnesium soak will allow your body to absorb much-needed magnesium transdermally, while allowing you to relax in a warm bath.

When to Soak: After a long workout is a great time to have a magnesium bath and relax your muscles, and there are also many other situations where a soak can be beneficial. Magnesium soaks have been known to clear up acne, hydrate skin, speed up the recovery from colds and respiratory infections, help insomnia and relieve headaches. Magnesium’s chemical compound makes it one of the easiest elements to absorb into the skin, making magnesium baths a quick solution to chronic pain or the occasional sore muscle.

Building Your Bath: When preparing for your magnesium bath it is important to note that while Epsom salt is a form of magnesium (magnesium sulfate) it is not an exact substitute for magnesium flakes, or magnesium chloride. While both have been known to relax muscles and ease cramping, it is believed that magnesium absorbs faster, helping you be pain free in the shortest amount of time.

Look for either magnesium chloride flakes that can be thrown into a warm bath or magnesium oil that can be added to a bath similar to a serum. We recommend adding your favorite essential oil to the bath to make your soak the most relaxing part of your week.

Happy soaking!

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