Flower Infused Water

By Organic Spa Magazine / August 14, 2017

Looking for a beautiful, refreshing way to better
hydrate yourself throughout the day?

Infused water has gone a step beyond fruit. Flower-infused waters offer added health benefits, depending on the recipe, and it’s another option for spicing up plain water.

Water infused with rose petals, for example, offers anti-oxidants and is also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, according to The Primlani Kitchen. Treat yourself to a hydrating, calming beverage by leaving a handful of rose petals in your water pitcher in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Lilacs are another edible flower perfect for adding to your glass of water. After the (pesticide-free) lilacs are soaked in cold water for a day or two, the finished product is great for not only drinking, but turning into a facial mist, or even popsicles, as mentioned by Fare Isle. Try orange blossoms, too!

If the taste of flower-infused water on its own isn’t for you, get creative with flower, herb, fruit and vegetable combinations. For most recipes, the longer you let the ingredients steep, the more flavorful the water will taste.

Paleo Hacks suggests water infused with blackberries and mint for the perfect cool, crisp summer drink. Just add ice! Lavender and blueberries are another great combination that turn staying hydrated into a spa experience with a soothing scent that enhances the taste.

Play around with ingredients like cucumbers, lemons, ginger, raspberries, and edible blossoms to create the drinks you love and will want to share at the next gathering with your friends.

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