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Eternal Springs: The Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa

by Celia Shatzman
Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa

While relaxing in a private hot spring and taking in the striking desert landscape under the bluest skies, you’ll see why New Mexico has earned the nickname “Land of Enchantment.”

Resting on natural geothermal springs, a stay at Ted Turner’s Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa in Truth or Consequences, NM, includes a 30-minute soak in an indoor or outdoor private tub every day. The healing, mineral-rich geothermal waters have been used for centuries by Native Americans in the area. And the spa offers treatments that take inspiration from the area’s hot springs, including centering bodywork, custom facials, and skin-soothing polishes and wraps. After a soak, head out on a private tour with Ted Turner Expeditions to explore a half million acres of wilderness—opt for an educational hike, photography lesson or bike trek.

Or, see the Fra Cristobal mountain range from above during a hot air balloon adventure. You might spot bison herds, bighorn sheep, African oryx or even a mountain lion. 

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