Launches We Love: Sept/ Oct 2017

by Organic Spa Magazine

Autumn is the season of abundance, and there are a lot of great beauty launches this season. Here are some of the new beauty products you’ll want to try.

Farmacy Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer

This is one of the oldest beauty superpowers out there, but this moisturizer gives it a fresh spin. It’s incredibly airy yet potent, thanks to the Echinacea GreenEnvy Honey, Triple Hyaluronic Acid Complex and Cupuacu butter beads that deliver an even skin tone and glowing complexion with lasting hydration, courtesy of powerful antioxidants.

Natural Sunscreen

Image Skincare Prevention + Pure Mineral Sunscreen Spray

Not only does this offer broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection, the formula featuring plant-derived stem cells and antioxidants also guards against pollution damage with organic ingredients like agave leaf extract, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil. It sprays on incredibly lightly with a non-greasy finish.

Burt’s Bees Beauty

After 35 years, Burt’s Bees is launching a full makeup line with eight essentials: liquid foundation, powder foundation, blush, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner and brow pencil, plus they are adding glossy lipstick to their lip color range. Made with natural, good-for-you ingredients, it’s all about feeling beautiful on the inside and out.

Natural Beauty Products
Natural Mascara

vegaLASH Volumizing Mascara

Talk about a two-fer: the popular vegaLASH Volumizing Serum has been combined with a new volumizing mascara. The clinically proven lash treatment contains bio-active phytomolecules that activate the growth phase of lashes. When used with the mascara, it is said to bring as much as up to five times your regular lash volume.

Juara Candlenut Hydrating Shower Gel

The intoxicating blend of rose, freesia, jasmine, bergamot and coconut might transport you to an open shower in Bali. Packed with linoleic and linolenic acid, candlenut oil is popular in Indonesian spas for its ability to heal rough, chapped skin.

natural shower gel
Skin Conditioning Mist

DOPE Naturally

Eat your way to beautiful hair and skin with these pure plant-based, energy superfood blends. Available in Melonaid Protein Powder, Beet Force Powder and Beet Bliss Powder, the ingestibles work at a cellular level to improve skin tone and boost energy levels.

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