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Nantipa, Santa Teresa

by Isabel Burton


Santa teresa costa rica

Opening its doors in 2019, Nantipa introduced a new kind of stay in Costa Rica. With 29 accommodations spread over nearly six acres, the property ensures privacy and space, something rare in today's crowded destinations. 

In the lush landscape of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, there's a place where the horizon stretches infinitely, blending azure skies with the Pacific's deep blues. Here, the surroundings show off palms, succulents, cacti, and other trappings of a tropical paradise. Monkeys live in the trees. So do enormous iguanas, and birds that look like flying rainbows. This place, Nantipa, a boutique beachfront retreat that runs along the Nicoya Peninsula, epitomizes what it means to escape fully. It's a spot that feeds all the needs: adventure, rejuvenation, hammock-lounging, sunset-ogling, celebration, and serenity. Mostly, it provides the crucial antidote to pretty much every ail: nature at its more glorious, preserved, and beautiful.  This eco-friendly resort has mastered the art of subtle luxury, and understands the profound impact that being in green, and by the sea, has on our well-being.

Opening its doors in 2019, Nantipa introduced a new kind of stay in Costa Rica. With 29 accommodations spread over nearly six acres, the property ensures privacy and space, something rare in today's crowded destinations. The room designs integrate local materials, with glass walls and personal decks (some with plunge pools) offering views of the shoreline, or of the verdant plant life that creates an exclusive hideaway. 

If you can pull yourself from that quiet sanctity, head to the freshwater pool that meanders through the greenery, and to the beach to sip a cocktail made with fresh fruit while dining on favorite local dishes with your toes in the soft-sand, the whooshing of waves in the background, and a canopy of stars overhead.  The Nicoya Peninsula in one of only five certified Blue Zones where residents hold the secrets to longevity and wellbeing, and Manzú Restaurant reflects that in their nutritious, wholesome, deliciously-satisfying cuisine. 

Set in Nantipa's thick gardens is the Namú Wellness Center where yoga, meditation, and sound therapy is on offer. Jungle sounds and soft breezes add to the open-air treatments at the Namú Spa, which is rooted in the belief that simplicity, tranquility, peace, and connection to the earth all contribute immensely to the benefits of body-work. They are very, very correct on that philosophy. Choose from reflexology, custom massages, aromatherapy, scrubs, facial, and wraps all carried out with ingredients such as uchua, papaya, and avocado, from products created by women-owned businesses.

The spirit of the area may be experienced best through the activities it offers. Surfing is legendary here—and even if you’re a total novice, the pros at VaqocoSurf will get you up on the board, happy and safe. You may also want to catch dinner (the fishermen at Jason Tours will help with that), or stay on land and horseback ride along the beach at sunset or through the rainforest for a unique perspective (Ario Tours has excellent guides).  One of the most magical experiences available to guests is the bioluminescence tour. This nocturnal adventure into the waters of Santa Teresa allows guests to witness the ocean's waters come alive with luminous organisms, creating a surreal and unforgettable light show (visit SunTrails).

But what sets Nantipa apart is not just its amenities or its setting; it's the underlying philosophy of the "Blue Mind."  Nantipa means ‘Blue’ in the ancestral Chorotegan language. This concept, rooted in the idea that being near water can significantly enhance our happiness and mental health, is palpable throughout the property. There’s a tranquil energy here, a gentle reminder of the joy and calm that water brings into our lives. Nantipa is a true get-away that offers a deep connection with the natural world, a place where indulgence and simplicity coexist. It is a ode to the beauty of Costa Rica, inviting guests to explore, relax, and rediscover the joy of being in the moment. nantipa.com/

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