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Taste of Tropics: The Ritz Carlton at Key Biscayne

by Evelyn Theiss
Tropical Wellness Spa

The Ritz-Carlton at Key Biscayne is a tropical island oasis a mere 20-minute drive from shimmering Miami. Like a Russian nesting doll, you’ll find its spa to be another oasis within. Twenty-one treatment rooms create a sanctuary, with a delicate aroma of mango wafting throughout.

Among this 25,000-square-foot spa’s specialized treatments, many lasting a decadent 100 minutes, the Coconut Nourishment, an organic coconut and sugarcane scrub, is a nod to the island’s past, when it contained a vast coconut plantation. The benefits of coconut are well-known, and this ritual harnesses its nourishing and purifying powers. A sugarcane-coconut scrub is followed by a massage, wrap and scalp treatment.

Long before the island’s plantation days, Native Americans—the Tequesta—lived here. The name “Biscayne” is derived from the Tequesta’s word “Bischiyano,” which means “favorite path of the rising moon.” Their tradition forms the foundation of another detoxifying ritual. The Tequesta Treatment mimics the elements of one of their ceremonies, and is designed to purify with an algae wrap, followed by an aromatherapy body and scalp massage.

The resort has just recently been refreshed and transformed, with new guest rooms, decor and restaurants that are less formal, and more in keeping with the island’s Caribbean feel.

Upon re-entering The Ritz’s environs from the spa, heading for a pool cabana, the beach or a nap, the feeling of relaxation surrounds you still. 

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