Holiday Gifts Inspired by the Kitchen

by Karim Orange

The kitchen and the soul have a connection. Everyone around the world has had some tradition, memory, or favorite item that originated or was inspired by the kitchen. This holiday season give a gift that inspires a sweet and savory effect on the recipient that can be appreciated all year long.

Preserve It Canning and fermenting techniques are a great way to preserve harvests throughout the year. The finished product makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift. I had the pleasure of attending a workshop about preserving foods at Sun Raven: Home of Slow Medicine. Sun Raven is a gathering place for individuals who wish to integrate whole-being health and wellness.


The facility is home to Dr. Michael Finkelstein, MD, who is a integrative doctor in New York, and his wife, Robin Queen Finkelstein, who is a therapist. The practice of slow medicine is about the immersion of both practices. The woman who taught my workshop, Xenia D’Ambrosi, is the founder Sweet Eart Co, where she educates clients on the beauty, biodiversity of their landscapes. It was exciting to sit with others and learn as a group.

A great gift idea is to create a few jars as presents and include an invite for a group gathering where you all participate. For more information on home preserving: Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving.

Add Salt Artisanal sea salts make an amazing gift that inspires creativity in the kitchen. If you don’t already know it, not all salts are created equal.

Hampton Sea Salt founder Peter Pierce always loved the sea. Once he began researching salt he found that most American salt was composed of mostly chemicals. One day he got rid of all the salts in his house and went on a journey to create Hampton Sea Salts. He said the process was simple. Combine sea salts with natural ingredients to produce great flavor.

These Artisan Sea Salts make an amazing gift. A box gift set called The Collector contains 20 one-ounce jars of raw, smoked and flavored salts. We’re talking savory salts like black truffle, vanilla bean, and espresso! Hampton Salts also offers creative recipes, along with tips on their blog and Instagram feed. For more information, please visit: Hampton Salt Company.

A New Way of Eating A lot of people make a commitment to eat healthier in the new year. Some stick with it, and some don’t.

It’s hard to adopt a new diet, without proper planning and help. You also want your new way of eating to taste good. What about giving a gift of chef-prepared food that's delivered to their door for 28 days? Introducing Euphebe, a whole food plant-based diet, created to break the ‘crappy food cycle.’

Euphebe delivers daily lunch and dinner for 28 days with breakfast suggestions and coaching. The food is prepared by a team of chiefs who create highly nutritional meals inspired by cuisines from Italy, Mediterranean, Asia, Mexico and beyond. The meals can be picked up daily (if you live in New York City) or shipped frozen nationwide. For more information please visit Euphebe.

The Best Intentions Food that is good for the body and nurturing for the soul sounds like perfection! In the book Eat with Intentions: Recipes and Meditations for a Life that Lights You Up author Cassandra Bodzak teaches you how to balance the two. Here is what she say’s about her book: “The first half is a manual for making peace with your body, learning what foods, exercises and self care activities it's craving, how to begin a loving communication with your body and design rituals for your life that strengthen your connection to your inner guidance and joy.

The second half is 75 different inspiring mantras and messages each with a delicious, plant-based recipe and a meditation that are specifically curated to align with the mantra and message so that it is not only a library of nourishing recipes and meditations to support you feeling your best inside and out, it can also be used as an 'oracle deck' of sorts for instant guidance when you a need a hit!”

This book is a must have! I suggest purchasing one for a gift and one for yourself. For more information please visit : Eat with Intention

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