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Be Your Valentine

by OSM Editors

No matter whether you love it or hate it (which have proven to be the only two acceptable emotions for this day), there are many reasons why Valentine’s Day is so important this year. During a time when human interaction is so scarce, showing those around you that you love and appreciate them can go a long way. And showing yourself some love, perhaps, is even better! 

If you’re not sure where to start, this Valentine’s Day we’ve gathered our picks for all things lovely and luxurious. Treat yourself, or share the love! 

My Trove Box Winter 2021

For some people, the best parts about Valentine’s Day relate to treating oneself. With the My Trove Winter 2021 Box, you can treat yourself and your home at the same time! This is also the perfect gift for anyone who loves design, and creating elegant, cozy interiors. The box comes beautifully packaged, and contains a number of luxury home goods, such as a decorative tray, throw blanket, candles, Belgian linen pillow, and more. mytrovebox.com

Two Tone

The best of both worlds: gold and silver pointed modern teardrop hoop earrings, designed by Rach B, are practically weightless and hang beautifully. They are 1.2 inches long, made with sterling silver and 14K gold fill or sterling silver and 14k rose gold fill. shoprachb.com 

Touches of Turquoise

These beautiful vertical bar turquoise earrings with hypoallergenic 14K gold vermeil modern ear wires, designed by Danielle Nicole Enright at Abrau Jewelry, are lightweight and lovely. Not only that, they are handmade in Vermont! abraujewelry.com

Glasvin Glasses

If you’re planning on pouring something special, you need an ultra thin and sexy glass to go along with it. Glasvin’s wine glasses are hand-blown by an expert glass-blower and available for purchase in pairs or separately. The thin stem and light weight design make for the perfect delicate glass to pair with any beverage.

Riki Loves Riki Skinny Mirror 

Start your Valentine’s Day off right by adding a morning ritual of self-love into your routine with the Riki Loves Riki Skinny Mirror. Chic and minimal, the mirror features customizable LED daylight lighting, which can be adjusted to five different levels of brightness no matter the actual time of day! The mirror also includes an easel, so it can prop itself up for you to work hands-free. rikilovesriki.com

Clean Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but what if you could enjoy your chocolate without the post-14th guilt? Clean Chocolate is fair trade, free of refined sugars, and uses pure cacao beans, which are naturally rich in iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Serena Loves Aura Cleansing Mist

Pure Bulgarian rose water infused with healing crystals to create this delicate, aromatic rose mist that not only refreshes, but also amplifies positive energy. Just a couple of spritzes of the Serena Loves Aura Cleansing Mist and you’re good to go.

FX Chocolate Sampler Pack

When you’re craving chocolate but don’t know which kind, the Fx Chocolate Sampler Pack is here to help! A cacao smorgasbord that includes three of each Fx Chocolate flavor: Thrive, Exhale, Focus, Superfood, and Defend. Share these samples with a friend for a fun Valentine’s Day sample platter.

Lucky Thirteen Candle Co. Gift Box

These candles from Lucky Thirteen Candle Co. aren’t exactly as they seem. Not only is their Valentine’s Day Gift Box full of four equally tranquil and peaceful scents, their candles can also be turned into a massage oil or moisturizer after use! As soon as the wax melts and cools, simply dip in your finger and apply.

Share the LOVE

Tara Spa, an Ayurvedic skincare brand popular in spas, is asking everyone to share the love! “No longer is Valentine’s Day focused on romance for couples alone, but it is the perfect time for nourishing oneself or sharing with a loved one,” says founder Tara Grodjesk. The Tara Spa Love Boxed Set is a spa in a box, with everything you need to nurture the skin. taraspa.com

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