7 Tips for Holistic Living

by Organic Spa Magazine

With the hustle of the holidays upon us, it's a good time to reflect on simple ways to stay calm and centered. Sliding an extra yoga class onto the calendar, taking time out for a 15-minute meditation, heading out for a walk in the middle of the day, breaking for a cup of organic green
tea will all help refresh the mind and revitalize the body. To give you a few more ideas, we asked aesthetician and holistic lifestyle guru, Tammy Fender, to share her top tips for holistic living. tammyfender.com

1. Sound Therapy  Sound therapy offers an incredible way to recalibrate. The energetic vibrations of Tibetan bells and crystal bowls feel wonderfully cleansing as they wash over you. For the skin, our largest organ, it's a purifying experience at the cellular level. Seek out therapeutic sessions at the Spa.

2. Root-to-Blossom Cooking As I like to use the whole plant in the formulas of the skincare collection, I also like to experiment with root-to-blossom eating, using the whole plant in creating meals from the garden. For example, using flavorful Cilantro root, or cooking with beet greens or arugula blossoms.

3. The Gift of Frankincense Frankincense is one of nature's true gifts--it's an energy cleanser, immunity booster and wound-healer, and levels out stress and anxiety. It's also very easy to incorporate into the daily routine, by using a couple drops of the essential oil on a hot towel for a steam inhalation, to moisten skin and apply the oil to pressure points before meditation, and throughout the day. Frankincense powder can be added to a warm bath, and it’s always nice to burn frankincense resin.

4. Communal Gardening Communities that come together in the garden grow strong. Garden with your kids at home, grow herbs in the windowsill or help create a community garden at their school. Connecting with nature in this way, while working together, magnifies its effects—it’s great exercise, melts away stress and being in touch with the earth is soothing for the spirit.

5. Anti-inflammatory Tonic There is a tasty anti-inflammatory tea that I make for clients before and after a surgical procedure—though it's also delicious and amazing for anyone who feels like they need more energy (and we can all use more anti-inflammatories in our diet). Blend healing Manuka honey, cinnamon sticks, cloves, grated fresh ginger, fresh turmeric and lemon to soothe the skin, and support rapid healing growth.

6. Soothing Facial Tension A simple smile does wonders for the skin, releasing facial tension that can cause fine lines and wrinkles, while activating the underlying cheek muscles, which also lifts the face and softens habitual expression lines. At the same time, the simple gesture of smiling releases potent endorphins and stress-dissolving neurotransmitters, optimizing our the skin's healing potential.

7. Experience Shungite This amazing mineral crystal, which is billions of years old, has remarkable healing properties. It is full of antioxidants, and is detoxifying (protecting from electromagnetic fields--EMFs) and energizing. I purify my water with Shungite by placing a few chips in a glass container. I also wear a Shungite bracelet every day.

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