Beauty Essentials: Part 3

by Organic Spa Magazine

Radical Beauty

 Deepak Chopra, MD, and Kimberly Snyder, CN, teamed up to write Radical Beauty (Harmony Books), full of tips on nutrition, meditation, yoga and more, to help readers realize their highest beauty potential, inside and out. $26.99; available at bookstores

Perfumera Curandera Healing Perfume

Inspired by her travels through her husband’s native Peru, makeup artist Leanne Hirsh crafts beautiful, organic “healing perfumes” that draw from the principles of traditional Latin American Plant Spirit Medicine and shamanic traditions. Potent ingredients like Amazonian piri, oolong tea, hinoki wood, and Andean coca extract help center, transport and uplift with just a dab. $35-$270;

Soft Touch

For parents, who are constantly washing hands, faces and other body parts (for themselves and little ones), dry skin is an epidemic. Enter Dr. Hauschka’s new Ice Plant-based collection for very dry skin—perfect for keeping adults’ and children’s skin soft and hydrated. From $45,


Himalaya Toothpaste

Himalaya approaches toothpaste differently. We combine Neem leaf, harvested from ‘the worlds most researched tree’ with the most popular formula in all of Ayurveda, Triphala, and pomegranate fruit to create something noticeably different. Fluoride free, SLS free, carrageenan free, gluten free. Available in 6 great tasting flavors.


Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Polish

An indulging experience, this natural blend of brown sugar & honey has excellent humectant properties that soften & smooth the skin & lips. Combined with the light aroma of vanilla & cinnamon, this scrub is a treat for all of the senses keeping your skin & pout soft & kissable in the cooler months.

A Hynt of Color

This limited edition Suite Tuxedo Holiday Gift Set by Hynt Beauty features top sellers like a three eye shadow palette, mascara, lip gloss and perfecting powder. $69;

Aromatherapy Bath & Body

Kertin Florian’s new Aromatherapy Bath & Body Oil collection features a lovely trio of luxurious, certified-organic oils that will nourish, hydrate and silken the skin, and there’s more: lavender is calming and relaxing, ginger soothes tired muscles and neroli blossom will elevate and energize body and spirit. $50;

Alpine Rose

The new Alp Rose YUM Skincare Stem Cell Rejuvenation Duo features edelweiss extract and other organic ingredients from the Alps to soothe, smooth and firm the skin.

Lovely Lady

The whimsical Emma Lomax Lovely Lashes makeup bag is sure to bring a smile to anyone who loves pretty things. Handcrafted by artisans in India. $25;

About Face

Take a page out of Tata Harper’s book and follow her personal multi-masking routine with the Tata Harper The Multi-Tasking Collection: Resurfacing Mask all over the face; Purifying Mask on your t-zone for a deep cleanse and Honey Blossom Mask on the neck and chest for extra moisture. Get ready to glow! $178;

Holiday Glow

The W3LL PEOPLE Holiday Beauty Basic Kit is not only a great deal, it features all of the simple basics needed to get gorgeous for the holidays and beyond: the Hypnotist Eyepencil, Elitist Eyeshadow in sparkling Champagne, Bio Brightener Stick for a luminous look and The Bio Extreme Lip Gloss in candy apple red. $37.99;

Apple Of My Eye

You’ll feel like you’re right next to a fireside every time you apply the Josie Maran Warm Apple Cider Argan Oil Body Collection’s richly scented Argan Sugar Balm Body Scrub and Whipped Argan Oil Butter. $39;

Total Body

The Shea Terra Organics Himba Myrrh Shea Nilotik’ Oil, scented with Himba myrrh essential oil, can be used from your hair down to your toes to do everything from reduce stretch marks to soften strands to relax muscles as a massage oil. $18;

Aromatic Alchemy

With the launch of its new Vitality Bar in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, Naturopathica has expanded into tinctures, teas and other healing remedies, like the Naturopathica Aromatic Alchemy, an essential oil blend to help inspire, calm, reboot and chill. A lovely set of four essential oil blends that will help promote holistic health.

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