Desktop Essentials for Your Workspace

by Myron Mariano

Modern and chic additions to your work desk.

Ready to Primp

Not only should you have a spare shirt at work should you accidentally spill spaghetti sauce on yourself before a big product pitch, a small jar of hair styling product will go a long way towards getting yourself in presentation mode. This water-based pomade gives a pliable hold that won't crunch or flake. It's paraben-, formaldehyde-, phthalates- and sulfates-free. Spruce for Men Grooming Cream;

Morning Buzz

Need more than a measly styrofoam cup of joe to get your engines started? Pick up this reusable glass mug instead. The non-slip protective sleeve stays cool to the touch even if you fill the borosilicate glass with a hot beverage, and the cap feature a safe sipping well. Lifefactory Café Collection Glass Mug;

Beat the 3:00 PM Crash

Resist the temptation to eat a bar of candy when you feel the slump two hours before you call it a day in the office. You'll end up feeling worse. Instead, feed your body with food rich in protein and unsaturated fat. Field Trip Beef Jerky; American Pistachios;

Portable Power

This sleek power bank is unique in that it has a tethered Micro-USB and Lightning connector outputs. This allows you to still be able to charge your smartphone even if you forget its cable. Enerplex Jumpr Stack;

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