Winter Workouts & Must-Have Accessories

by Jenna Mahoney
winter workouts

Polar vortexes aside, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you’ve got to stay indoors. In fact, winter’s marquee outdoor activities are serious calorie scorchers and amazing full-body workouts—hello cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, we’re looking at you. In order to play outdoors you need the right gear. Some of our favorite snow stuff:

YakTrax Pro They look like bungee cords and function like tire chains on your sneakers. These handy strap-on, lightweight crampons promise better stability, traction and confidence for all manner of moving over snow and ice. The rubber outer band makes them super flexible, while the coils are a durable steel. Plus, these little gems are spikeless, which means they are lightweight and can be easily transported. $29;

Balega Moh-rino V-Tech Quarter The celebrated no-chafing, moisture-wicking running sock company has a blend that especially meets this season’s dropping temps. Made of a patented combo of mohair and merino wool, the footwear promises warmth, comfort and zero slippage, in addition to blister protection. The socks, which have a snug second skin-like fit, work well for running, skiing or just sipping tea apre`s sport. $16;,

winter workouts
winter workouts

Keen Elsa Boot If the Frozen moniker didn’t tip you off, it’s worth saying—these stylish boots keep tootsies toasty. High-tech features, such as heat reflecting thermal barriers and ergonomic footbeds, retain warmth and stability. And the water resistant mesh outer and fleece lining keep feet dry. $130;


Sweaty Betty, the it label of fitness devotees across the pond, is a mainstay of barres around London and NYC thanks to its sleek sensibility. We love the eco-friendly Brahma Yoga Bra. Made of naturally antibacterial bamboo, the seamless top is moisture-wicking and chafe-free. The design elements—delicate straps, ruching and a keyhole back—guarantee you won’t feel shy about showing it off in your next Bikram class. $65;

winter workouts


Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Studies show that having a workout buddy can keep you on track. And virtual pals can be just as key to keeping in the workout sync. The new Fitmo app available on iPhone, iOS and Apple Watch hooks up with your Jawbone, FitBit, Healthkit, etc. Using an algorithm that culls with your habits, likes and location, the app matches you with a personal fitness coach. Workouts stream directly to your device. And interactive training tips, questions and the like are communicated via messenger or video chat. The calendar setting helps you keep appointments without thinking. Memberships start at $60 a month;

winter workouts

Out of the Box

winter workouts

Unlike thinking, eating out of the box is understandably shunned upon. After all, what we’re about is the #eatclean movement. Good Habit Box, a little company based in Atlanta, GA, is changing the way you’ll look at prepackaged foods with home-delivered, themed snack boxes.

Foods are filled with all the things we love (nutrients, flavor and ease) and are absent of what we don’t (trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and preservatives). You can even go gluten-free.

And the best part: Nothing needs to be refrigerated, meaning it’s the perfect grab-and-go fuel, pre- or post-workouts. The company’s calling card, the Super Snacker Box, is a bit like Noah’s Ark, packed with two teas, two breakfasts, two snacks and two shakes.

Each delivery is a surprise; we love starting the day with the Organic Gluten Free Oats with Omega 3 Chia Seeds & Flax, packed with 10 grams of protein. And the Dark Chocolate Protein Shake tastes just a little too decadent after a super sweat session. Boxes start at $13;

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