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Aromatherapy in Action

by Functional Botanicals

Life is full of surprises, but you still need to show up prepared as best you can. It can seem like an impossible chore to feel your best, staying on top of your game when you get an onslaught of curve balls throughout the day.

Botanicals aren’t just luxury items to enjoy on weekends as we stroll through gardens. They are integral tools in our daily wellness regimens. Here are some of our favorite ways to feel good with our favorite botanicals when on the go.

  1. Peace in the Palm of Your Hand: It’s been a long afternoon and you need to get home to start dinner. After picking up your toddler, you navigate the grocery store on a mission for broccoli and chicken. You give her an Essential Wipe and splash some water on it. As she grows engrossed with the process of unfolding its bamboo layers and polishing the shopping cart’s handle, an aroma of lavender and ylang ylang drives back the fog of stress that was threatening to envelop you. You clear the register in record time, and get on your way with smiles instead of tears.
  2. Exercise: Who has time to exercise! The truth is, sometimes you have to sacrifice something else to get that jog in, or that session at the gym. Sometimes, a shower is what gets missed. To help you show up feeling ready for the day, Essential Wipes are an awesome way to freshen up on the fly. The soft bamboo invites you to cleanse the skin while the antiseptic and uplifting essential oils leave you smelling fresh and clean for your day.
  3. Hair Apparent: Hydrosols steeped with soothing aromas can uplift hair and freshen moods. Palo santo hydrosol or rosewater is a great way to bring bounce back to hair while swathing your head in a halo of delight!
  4. Covid-19: When it comes to disinfection, more is actually more. Along with a well-fitting mask, and social-distancing, Essential Wipes Plus are an amazing tool in your viral load reduction kit. The castile soap in them removes germs, while the copaiba and niaouli are naturally antimicrobial.
  5. Toddler Meltdown: All parents know this moment. Out running errands, desperately trying to get all the items checked off the list, and your sweet angels turn into little demons. Put a little lavender on the palm of your hand and hold it up to their noses when they’re having a meltdown. Once you have their attention, put a very small amount on their wrist to help soothe and calm their emotions.
  6. The Road Trip: After waking up super early to drive eight hours, you may not feel like you look or feel your best to meet up with your loved ones you haven’t seen in months. Luna Wipes are a perfect way to remove the road grime and restore your glow. The frankincense and ylang-ylang cleanse, the rose nourishes your skin, and the argan oil leaves the skin soft and moisturized.
  7. The Playground Romp: As we move into winter, playing outdoors can be extra muddy and messy. Essential Wipes Plus with castile soap does an extra great job removing dirt and germs after a trip to the playground.
  8. Makeup Removal: Halfway through a day on the road, you find yourself pulling over for a quick trip to the local natural food store. Before you get out of the car, you glance at yourself in the rear-view mirror and realize you’re in no condition to show yourself in public. Luna Wipes moisturizing blend helps gently remove makeup while nourishing the skin. Perfect for a traveling skincare routine, they clear away the old so you can apply the new with style.
  9. Mask Mist: You’ve just locked your car in a parking lot and … Oops! You forgot your mask. Opening the car door, you grab the mask from the center console and raise it to your face. Even though you’re feeling fresh, the mask could use a wash. You really don’t want to put this thing up to your face! Spray the inside with Palo Santo Mask Mist, and not only will you freshen and sterilize your mask, but you’ll experience the soothing benefits of aromatherapy as you stride into public spaces with confidence.
  10. The Simplest Rituals Can Be the Most Profound: Take. A. Moment. Before you begin any simple or complex thing. And as you finish. Breathe. Breathe deep. Breathe deeper. Place a drop of Palo Santo Anointing Oil on your fingertip. Touch it to your forehead. Or on the inside of your wrist. Pause to center and ground yourself. Let botanicals be your guides. Functionalbotanicals.com; sacredwoodessence.com

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