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Festive Ways to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

by Tess Donelon
Gift Giving

The holidays are known as the “season of giving.” But have you ever stopped to think about whether you are giving to the Earth too? Chances are, while the gifts are being wrapped and boxes are being tossed, there isn’t time for a moment of reflection on how you can be more eco-friendly this holiday season. 

Many of the things that make the holiday season so wasteful are related to wrapping paper, un-recycled cardboard boxes, plastic packaging, and more. If you want to lower your carbon footprint this year and keep the coal out of your stocking, there are just a few steps you can take that will make all the difference.

Consider using old paper bags as wrapping this year.

All you need to do is cut open the bag until it lays flat, place your package in the center, and wrap as you normally would! Then, add some twine, maybe a spring of evergreen, a pretty ribbon and a fun red stamp on the front. Voila! Rustic chic!

Bring the outdoors in for decoration.

Instead of buying plastic garlands and a fake tree this year, opt for the real stuff! Not only is it all completely biodegradable, it will bring the smell of nature right to your door. Eucalyptus garland, holly berries, and an array of branches will combine the beauty of the winter season with elements of the area around you.

Share your holiday creations with family and friends.

In an effort to reduce waste this winter, share the love of food and drinks with those you care about! Whether it’s a batch of leftover cookies or a holiday dinner that’s dying to be shared, spread the good tastes and smells around instead of throwing them away!

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