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The Art of Healing

by The Lodge at Woodloch

This past year has truly taught us the value in finding healing through mental, emotional, and physical outlets. The Lodge at Woodloch, a destination spa resort located in Northeast Pennsylvania, prides itself on offering over 35 classes daily to help guests find the perfect stress-relieving outlets. 

The Lodge at Woodloch’s art teachers can attest to the fact that art is healing. There has been a huge uptick in guests wanting to explore their creative side, with many finding refuge through expressing themselves creatively. “Once you get it on the canvas, you can let it go, that part of you is behind you. You don’t have to share the meaning with anyone–it can be yours and yours alone,” says Art Instructor, Debra McGinnis. While many people don’t consider themselves an “artists,” many can relate to the sense of calm and relief they experience when they have allowed themselves to delve into a creative outlet. 

Some of the most popular art classes include traditional options such as Open-Air Painting and Intro to Drawing to unique offerings such as Dot Mandala on Vinyl Records and Zen Doodle. A recently released book by French neurologist Pierre Lemarquis, called L’Art Qui Guérit (The Art That Heals) reveals that art relieves pain, stress, sleeping problems, anxiety and helps to improve memory. “Healing through creative outlets is such an important part of what we all need right now,” explained Baldassari. 

Equally healing and good for one’s state-of-mind is time spent outdoors. During the last year, many people discovered a newfound enjoyment of spending time in nature. The team at The Lodge at Woodloch has long known the stress-relieving qualities that time spent outside can provide. In 2018, the Outdoor Adventure Department shifted to become the Outdoor Experiences Department, to reflect that over half of their offerings were more about outdoor mindfulness rather than solely adventure activities. Since that time, the offerings have blossomed. New activities that allow guests to explore a different side of nature include the Sensory Walk, which helps guests experience nature through the five senses, as well as the Edible Plant Walk where guests can learn more about the tastes of the forest with the knowledge and expertise of The Lodge at Woodloch’s Herbalist. 

“Guests can learn about the symbiotic relationship we have with nature and that is truly humbling,” explains Josh Heath, Naturalist at The Lodge at Woodloch. “When you look up at the trees, it is amazing to consider that we breath out what they breath in, and they breath out what we breath in.” Taking the time to slow down and notice nature, soak in the details, and pay attention to the little things allows guests to put things that they once perceived as a problem into perspective. 

As we re-emerge into a more normal state of being, The Lodge at Woodloch celebrates the desire to incorporate wellness and find healthy outlets for healing. 

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