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Body Holiday Saint Lucia

by Body Holiday

BodyHoliday Saint Lucia is designed to be the most rejuvenating wellness holiday on offer with an all-inclusive experience comprised of daily spa treatments, complimentary classes and more.  Offering a choice of 155 well-appointed rooms and suites plus four private villas, award-winning spa experiences, a plethora of dining options and activities, these all combine to create a highly personalised beach holiday of wellness like no other.

BodyHoliday became the very first overseas destination spa over 30 years ago and has continued to lead in the wellness field ever since. The resort, which has a 33-treatment room wellness centre, is renowned for its unique approach to health, fitness and wellbeing, and is firmly committed to delivering on its promise ‘Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind’.  

Guests are offered everything from world leading medically endorsed preventative therapies, through to Ayurveda, beauty and pampering treatments, and a range of activities on land and in the water, that keep one busy from dawn until dusk.  The resort facilities boast a PADI-Certified Dive School, a range of motorised and non-motorised watersports, tennis, golf, archery, a state-of-the-art fitness facility and studio, as well as a number of other activities that take guests through their paces both on-property and outside the resort, all geared towards optimising their wellness.

Experiences at BodyHoliday are designed for guests with the expert guidance of the on-resort team, but the guest is encouraged to choose their own program and personalise it to their liking according to what kind of experience they desire.  BodyHoliday can be a haven of serenity or a hive of activity, yet it works with the same goal in mind – to change lives on person at a time through a life-changing holiday of wellness.

The ultimate on-property wellbeing experience available is BodyScience, led by on-resort Physician Dr Sahab Jamshidi, is dedicated to the pursuit of optimal wellness by combining the preventative Eastern approach to wellbeing with cutting-edge Western diagnostics modalities.  A completely tailored program according to the needs of the guest, BodyScience provides the tools to help one move towards optimal health.

At BodyHoliday the range of inclusive activities and approaches on offer reflect the ebbs and flows of real life, allowing for a real shift in perspective for people to incorporate into their lives back home. Guests can find a balance and choice, from strict weight loss diets to indulgent fine-dining, high intensity workouts with Olympic athletes to sleep-inducing Ayurvedic massages; the list goes on. 

Proof that BodyHoliday places an important emphasis on socialisation and a has a considered approach to programming at the resort throughout the year is evident through engaging theme months including September Solos, Jive-June, WellFit Families (July-August), WellFit boot camps, October Yoga and Pre-Christmas Restorative Break.  

Visit  www.bodyholiday.com. 

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