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Emotional Rescue

By Mary Beth Janssen / March 5, 2015

Letting emotional baggage go with tools from the Chopra Center for Well-Being In the old comic strip Li’l Abner, a character walked around with his own personal storm system roiling overhead. We’ve all known people who move moodily through their day, raining on many a parade. Others go beyond simple negativity to place their emotional […]


Clean Slate

By Mary Beth Janssen / January 26, 2015

For new beginnings in the New Year, start with a beginner’s mind To paraphrase Marcel Proust, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” This beautifully expresses the Zen practice of beginner’s mind—an excellent addition to your mindfulness practice. Whatever you’re striving toward: turning a new leaf, […]


Emotional Intelligence

By Mary Beth Janssen / January 21, 2015

To err is human, to forgive is smarter—at least this is what studies suggest. Growing evidence shows that those inclined to forgive enjoy better physical and mental health than those prone to hold grudges. In a recent study, adults were asked to use either forgiving or unforgiving imagery as they thought about someone that had […]


Come Back to Your Senses

By Mary Beth Janssen / April 30, 2014

Our senses play an integral part in creating wholeness of mind, body, spirit and environment. They’re the sacred gateway to our consciousness. When feeling


The Meditation Mojo

By Rona Berg / April 30, 2014

Four-time Grammy winner k.d. lang talks to OSM about her meditation practice, and why she launched a new meditation app She’s dueted with Roy Orbison and Tony Bennett, who calls her “the best singer of her generation.” She’s topped the charts in pop and country. And native Canadian k.d. lang brought down the global house when she […]