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When Mindfulness Leads to Abundance

by Kristin Meekhof

How to shed light on the things that really matter.

This time of year, especially, raising a glass to wealth is something society applauds. You probably feel pressure to buy more, spend more and do more, and you are not alone. We’re surrounded with the belief that obtaining a certain status level or unique goods means we will be happy by living in material abundance.

But many who are trapped in this cycle end up feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. It is perfectly natural to want to live in comfort. But practicing mindful abundance—learning to listen to our inner voices and open ourselves up to fresh ideas—can lead us to a deeper spiritual or intellectual enlightenment. Here are five practices for cultivating mindful illumined abundance.


We are organically drawn to brightness and by becoming light we naturally attract prosperity. A popular quote from Mahatma Gandhi says, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” I wholeheartedly agree, but sometimes I think that we can’t impact true change in our lives until we become light.

Ask yourself: What brings you light? What blocks your light? What stops you from creating something? This may be a person, an idea or even our own mind. These questions aren’t for the faint of heart; however, willing to examine yourself gets you moving in the right direction.

​Deeply Listen

One of the things that I admire about my friend Deepak Chopra, MD, is that he deeply listens. When I first met him, I was filled with anxiety. As I shared my story, I noticed he never interrupted me. Later, I asked another gentleman, who was also present for our meeting, if I was making any sense. He explained that Deepak listens and observes before speaking. Learn to listen to what is not being said as well. Strength and power comes from this.

Unbounded Potential

Some refer to unbounded potential as the “divine” within, our core being, a pure self, and, unadulterated, it is our true light. Doubt, fear, jealousy and insecurity constantly damage and threaten it. When we become disconnected with our unbounded potential, we limit our ability to thrive. Our mobility is restricted and our journey to abundance is cut short. Not being in touch with our inner light stunts our emotional and professional growth.

Ask yourself: Who do you feel nurtures your true self? What makes you feel calm? How do you promote your own growth?


Becoming a student of life nourishes wealth and clarity. Chances are you find yourself stuck because your thought patterns are exactly the same as last year. Properly aligning your thoughts with success impacts behavior. Shifting your thinking and way of being provides a new blueprint
for prosperity.

Ask someone to mentor you. Read pieces about someone who is successfully doing what you desire and glean tips
from them. Engage with people and projects that support your passion.

Become Transparent

Transparency is the portal to abundance. When we become transparent with ourselves, the truth becomes our core. Without transparency there is a limit to that which we can achieve. Sometimes the most damage happens when we aren’t transparent with our self. We aren’t able to evolve to our fullest potential living on half-truths. When we deny the truth in any way, we live in the darkness and fear diminishes our presence. Transformation is fueled by transparency.

When you choose to walk the path of illumined mindful abundance, not only will you acquire more, but you will expand your territory. This expands the depth of your journey by taking you to a richer level of experience, which produces your very best self.

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