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Global Beauty

by Anika Patel

Photography: Robin Jolin  |  Stylist: Olya Breton

Dazzling natural ingredients from around the globe, for everyone

Every nation has its own unique beauty traditions that rely on local ingredients special to the region. As travel gets easier and the world gets smaller, we all get to share those gorgeous botanical extracts and magical minerals. And it doesn’t matter where you’re from; global beauty is all-inclusive! So we put on our beauty anthropologist's cap and tracked down a few of our favorites to share.


Kiwi Seed Oil The Hobbit was filmed against the backdrop of New Zealand’s breathtaking waterfalls, cliffs, meadows and coves, known as one of the most pristine places on the planet. With local ingredients like kiwi seed oil, black currant seed oil, kawakawa oil and organic rosehip, the Te Mana Paura Vitamin C4 Oil Elixir—for dull, dehydrated skin—isn't just hand-crafted in New Zealand. It is also as clean and pure as the land it comes from. temanaskincare.com


Kakadu Plum Two brothers from Down Under, with a long family history in beauty, just launched Crop Natural, a COSMOS-certified line of performance-based natural skincare, with ethical raw ingredient sourcing and a fully traceable supply chain. Plus, the line features muscular Aussie ingredients like kakadu plum (try the Antioxidant Eye Serum) and quandong fruit extracts. cropnatural.com


Turmeric Turmeric has become a hot skincare ingredient recently, but turmeric paste and turmeric masks have always been a mainstay in India, where Ayurveda goes back 5,000 years. The Pratima Revitalizing Turmeric Cream, formulated by Manhattan-based Ayurvedic doctor Pratima Raichur, will revitalize dry, sensitive skin and reduce irritation and inflammation. pratimaskincare.com


Magnesium Inspired by Japanese Rotenburo (beautiful outdoor open-air baths, often with gorgeous views), the Amayori Rotenburo Air Rejuvenation Japanese Hot Springs Experience Set includes four rejuvenating and detoxifying mineral soaks. Each of these—Magnesium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Sulfur and Sodium Bicarbonate—will soften your skin and transport your psyche to a peaceful, meditative, piney open-air mountainside bath. amayori.com


Shea Butter Shea Radiance founder Funlayo Alabi and her husband started making skincare products with shea butter in their kitchen to help soothe their sons’ dry skin. Not only did it grow into a thriving business, but she ended up with a brand that helps empower and sustain women who run shea butter cooperatives in rural Ghana. Shea butter, from the nut of the karite tree, is a rich moisturizer for skin and hair, and Shea Radiance Whipped Shea Butter will soothe even the driest skin. shearadiance.com


Lavender A whiff of Pre de Provence Lavender Soap will transport you to lavender fields in the south of France, where these soaps are made. These beautiful bars are triple-milled in Provence using centuries-old methods, infused with pure lavender essential oil and enriched with natural shea butter to moisturize your skin. pharmaca.com


Kaua’i Clay The USA is a big country, so obviously it features many regional beauty bests. Luscious tropical ingredients from Hawaii—macadamia nut oil, kukui nut oil, coconut oil, coffee and kaua’i clay—are fragrant, alluring, beautiful and hard to resist. Fortunately, they're also so good for your skin's health and beauty! The Kaua’i Clay Mask from Malie Organics’ new Botany Beauty organic line is truly exceptional. malie.com

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