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Cliff House, Maine

by Organic Spa Magazine



Cliff House reemerges as one of the most captivating waterfront destinations of its kind following a landmark transformation. This iconic Maine resort, which welcomed its first guests in 1872, inspires a new community of travelers today with remarkable sightlines, intuitive amenities, and emotionally rewarding encounters.

With roaring surf, infinite views and a spa inspired by the wildness of nature, Cliff House, perched on a high bluff on the coast of southern Maine, has attracted nature-loving guests and families since it first opened in 1872. With most rooms framing expansive views of an endless horizon, Cliff House evokes a wild beauty that can’t help but bring guests into bloom, like the lovely sea roses that grow nearby.

Kids will love to splash in the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, walk along a cliff walk called the Marginal Way that ends in the town of Ogunquit, grab an ice cream cone, then stroll back to Cliff House and tuck into—what else?—a Maine lobster roll. There is also biking, hiking, river kayaking, and in winter, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. All that and an extensive range of sustainability initiatives in place covering energy conservation, community impact, recycling and more. The property really cares about conserving the beautiful land and sea they inhabit. 

The 9,000-square-foot Spa and Wellness Center,  a true sanctuary, is inspired by the elements—wind, water, earth, fire, metal—which are all on display, in full force, along the rugged Maine coast. Each treatment room frames a view of the boulder-strewn coast tumbling into the Atlantic.

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