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Summer Travel Snafus

by Organic Spa Magazine

Flight delays have increased by 450 percent in the US over this past week, and airlines are canceling thousands of flights–more than 2000 over the July 4th weekend alone! Along with unusually long delays getting through airport security, those with upcoming vacations booked are feeling apprehensive about what’s to come. A team of Wellness experts from the UK shared these timely tips with us, to help relieve stress for those planning to travel this summer.

Make a plan in advance

Now that you are aware of the potential delays and lines you may face, plan accordingly so you know how to handle any obstacles. Before the day of your flight, keep stress at bay by doing the smaller jobs like packing your bags, separating your hand luggage liquids, planning your journey to the airport and generally making sure you are ready to leave the house on time.

Give yourself some leeway

Avoid disappointment by allocating yourself extra time before and after the flight in case of a busy airport. Although arriving at the airport two hours prior is a recommended time frame, it may be worth arriving earlier so you don’t have to rush through, especially if you need to check baggage. Having spare time is preferable to running to your gate. Waking up that hour early will be worthwhile when you make it to the departure lounge with time to relax!               

Write a checklist

If you’re rushing to get ready, you may find yourself caught short by forgetting to pack some of the essentials. Write a list of everything you want to pack and tick it off as you go so you can be sure you’ve got everything you need. It is also worth writing another preparation list of everything you need to sort before leaving for your trip, including things like taking out the trash, turning out the lights and making sure all doors and windows are locked.                   

Act quickly

Be prepared for delays or cancellations by knowing what to do next. As soon as you are made aware of any issues with your flight, move straight to the line where you will be able to rebook a new flight. While you wait, check your email to see whether you have already been allocated a new one. Although you may be near the front of the line, it is worth noting that first-class tickets and frequent fliers are likely to get priority treatment, so remain patient.                   

Don’t take it out on others                   

Although a stressful start to your vacation may feel frustrating, the airline employees are there to help you, so remain polite and friendly at all times. Any delays or cancellations are not the fault of the staff around you so following their instructions and maintaining a calm approach will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

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