Twelve Days of Gifts for the Globetrotter

by Myron Mariano

The perfect gift list for any with wanderlust 

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos come in handy during times when there are no bathing facilities, but there's a need to get rid of accumulated dirt and gunk on the hair. No need for water—just massage the shampoo, and let the argan stem cell and CoQ10 moisturize and clean. $9.99;

Cleansing Cloths

With its coffee seed extract, these 97 percent natural wipes refresh tired faces better than a splash of cold water. The unique blend of soothing aloe and oat oil also leave the skin feeling smooth. $5.99;

PowerLight Mini

This powerbank combines the functionality of a wearable lantern and a phone charger. Each purchase helps fund the company's projects of bringing sustainable and renewable energy to impoverished areas in the world. $44.95;

Brinton Sunglasses

Travel at times means having to blend in while still showcasing personal style. These New York-designed sunglasses are both subtle in appearance and hip. $160;

Jervis Towel

This pre-washed, extra-soft towel is made of 50 percent cotton and 50 percent bamboo, and is a luxurious alternative to scratchy ones at hotels. Price upon request;

Altiplano Alpaca Scarf

Besides providing warmth and a stylish finish to any outfit, a scarf's most valuable use to any traveler is its ability to become a makeshift pillow. $95;

Glerups Shoes

There's no better feeling at the end of a day of exploration than slipping one's feet in one of these felt shoes. They are made of 100 percent pure natural wool and a sole of soft calfskin. $95;

Jam + Style PS Pocket Tool

Multi-function tools are a must-pack to get travelers out of vexing situations. This model combines a wrench, wire-cutter, scissors, screwdriver, bottle opener, and pliers, in a TSA-compliant size. $47;

Primrose Oil

Hydration is essential with any voyage, especially when the skin is subjected to drastic changes in weather and time zones. Unlike most beauty oils, these are quickly absorbed and does not leave a shiny residue. $12.99;

Island Ambiance Travel Reed Diffuser

Any small space will feel less stuffy with this set of three two-ounce reed diffusers. Each bottle is alcohol-free and is made of 100 percent pure perfume oil. $73;

Cloverware 2.0

Next to a wine bottle opener, a nesting knife-spoon-fork set will prove indispensable when eating in the middle of a long train ride or even enjoying a meal outdoors. $7;

Bourbon Cedar Cologne

Smell great all the time with this carry-on-friendly natural cologne. Its scent is more subtle than its synthetic counterpart, but nevertheless, a little goes a long way. $45;

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