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5 Tips on How to Help the Planet: Part 1

by Lambeth Hochwald

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In honor of Earth Month, we gathered expert tips on how to save the earth right now

Protecting our planet is something we need to think about year-round. But, since it’s Earth Month in April, we thought we’d go to the pros to get their number-one suggestions of things we can do right now to save the earth. From food and fashion to beauty and design, these experts have some very doable, earth-friendly tips to share. Read on for their insightful ideas.

Be a consumer products’ detective

Expert: Kaiulani Kimbrell, director of the Hollywood Food Guild, a food and environmental issues resource, in Los Angeles

“We need to think of ourselves as earth citizens who are all devoted to protecting this planet. If you see the planet the way you see your child or someone you’re deeply in love with, your behavior changes. The other thing that’s critical is that we need to be detectives about the foods that are sold in our stores. There’s no ‘Big Papa’ out there who is making sure everything is really okay in our food supply. There are a lot of interests putting things on our shelves that aren’t in our best interests”. hollywoodfood.org

TIP Ask questions about the food being sold in your grocery store and look closely at the products you use to clean your home or tend to your garden. Many are made from toxic synthetic chemicals that accumulate over time and make us and our planet sick.

Ask hard questions when supporting certain businesses

Expert: Katie Holcomb, director of public relations at B Lab, a nonprofit that serves as a global movement of people using business as a force for good, in Wayne, PA

“When you’re shopping, look at what’s going on behind the scenes. Are the owners treating their workers well, are they considering the environment, are they focused on making a profit or more on the overall environmental impact of what they do? In addition, talk to your employer or any businesses you support about how they measure up on environmental impact. It’s part of a larger culture shift we can start now.” bcorporation.net

Do your best to go (entirely) organic

Expert: Jessica Shade, director of science programs, The Organic Center, a go-to source of information for scientific research about organic food and farming in Washington, D.C.

“I encourage everybody to eat more organic foods and look for the organic seal on the packaging of your foods since all organic foods are regulated by the USDA. I always encourage people to buy bulk produce in season and freeze it. Buying organic foods is one of the best ways we can save the earth.” organic-center.org

Embrace a new industrial model

Expert: Lewis Perkins, interim president C2C Certified, a nonprofit that educates and empowers manufacturers of consumer products to become a positive force for society and the environment, in San Francisco

“Under the current model of sourcing and production, the products we use everyday, from personal care and apparel to household goods and electronics, have a destructive impact on people and the planet. The tremendous burden of resources, such as water, energy and chemicals it takes to produce these goods, let alone the impact of increasing carbon dioxide, is leading us down a road where we will have a hard time sustaining the same quality of human life on earth that we enjoy today. Now is the time to embrace a new industrial model of regenerative production and circular design, where all materials come from and are intended for continuous reuse, with a positive impact during production through renewable energy, clean water stewardship and social fairness.” c2ccertified.org

All hail the sun

Expert: Ron Kamen, CEO of EarthKind Energy, a company that works with commercial and nonprofit clients to identify the right cost-saving solar options, in Rhinebeck, NY

“Solar energy has moved from an ‘expensive green luxury’ to a cost-effective energy option that even Walmart is now using to save money across its portfolio. Consider this: Even if you can’t put solar on your roof, you can now install solar in a field or in a carport.” earthkindenergy.com

Stay tuned for part 2 & more ways to heal the planet!

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