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Spring Style Trends

by Myron Mariano
Ride Beside the Waves

Warmer weather means the time has come to bring out your bikes for months of greener commuting. Priority Bicycles has just released Priority Coast, a rustproof bicycle that met its initial Kickstarter funding project within two hours of being launched. Designed specifically for the beach, the Coast features a 100 percent aluminum frame, stainless steel components and sealed bearings, and a grease-free Gates Carbon Drive belt instead of a traditional chain.

A limited-edition bike painted by Brooklyn artist Chris Willcox is also available. Proceeds of the sale of this one-of-a-kind bicycle will go to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. This grassroots non-profit aims to inspire local communities to care for their coastlines through hands-on beach clean-ups. prioritybicycles.com

Spring Training

Get a workout done anywhere you may be with Olivers’s Movement Kit. This T-shirt-and-shorts combo is built to blend seamlessly from your home, to the airport, and finally to the gym.

The Capital short has the shape of a classic chino, but incorporates more modern, sportier elements like stretch nylon and spandex blend fabric. The Convoy tee is made with 100 percent merino wool—nature’s original performance fabric. It is light and made to stay cool regardless of what physical activity you engage in. oliversapparel.com

Water for Everyone

From now until April 22, help raise awareness about the global impact of wasting water through the #WasteNot social media campaign. Launched by LifeStraw, a company known for its portable water-filtration and purification products, the campaign is asking consumers to share photos of themselves making a commitment to waste less with the hashtag "WasteNot" on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

LifeStraw itself is ramping up its efforts to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet, through its "Follow the Liters" initiative. For each LifeStraw product purchased in North America and in Europe, two school children in a rural African community will receive access to safe water. lifestraw.com

Singing in the Rain

Here's a spring jacket that you would not have problems wearing anywhere: Helly Hansen's Lerwick Rain Jacket. It retains the windproof and waterproof qualities of the company's classic fisherman's raincoat, while a more updated fit brings it to modern times. It's a great piece to have while dealing with spring's unpredictable weather. hellyhansen.com

Fresh Pair

Eco-conscious fellas will appreciate adding a fresh pair of underwear, from Druthers's India fabric collection, to their drawer. The soft organic cotton fabric features an ancient method of repeat printing using wooden blocks and natural dyes. The print on the boxers is done in Rajasthan, India and assembled in New York City. druthers.com

No Questions, Just Go

If the arrival of spring has you yearning for the outdoors, then be sure to pick up one of these cargo hauler duffels as you bring out your campground gear. These bags are available in four sizes, enough to pack all of the essentials for a weekend- or week-long vacances.

Made of Bi-Tech Armor Lite, the duffels are abrasion-resistant, water-repellant, but ultra-lightweight at less than two pounds. Bartack reinforcements at high-stress points ensure even more protection from damage. They can be slung like a backpack or carried on their side, and packs onto themselves when not in use.

The 45-liter duffel can be used as a carry-on bag, should you be of the mindset that the only way to metaphorically shrug the snow off your shoulders is through an out-of-the-country sojourn. eaglecreek.com

Give Back to Nature

Live everyday doing small acts of positive change, and before you know it, you’ve cultivated a mountain of good. One easy habit to start this Earth Day is to use reusable water bottles instead of the single-use plastic variety. This becomes especially poignant during months when you need to pay attention to how hydrated you are—you’ll be surprised at how much refuse you can prevent from ending up in landfills just by drinking from a container that you can refill.

Dopper, a sustainable water bottle brand, donates five percent of net sales to The Dopper Foundation. This organization brings clean, running water to undeveloped countries such as Nepal. dopper.com

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