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Stretch, Breathe and Meditate To Radiant Beauty

by Sejal Shah

Have you ever wondered if the secret to your beauty could be in your mind? Many scientific studies have proven that there is a strong connection between beauty, the way we breathe and the state of our mind. Stress and an unhealthy lifestyle affect the beauty quotient. 

The Most Beautifying Salon in the Universe‚Äč

Outer physical beauty is certainly a blessing. Yet many vouch that beauty is really an inside-out phenomenon and outer beauty is just a reflection of inner beauty.

People go from salon to salon looking to enhance their beauty. However, the most beautifying salon is right within you. When you come to this place, then everything is beautiful, and wherever you go, you add beauty there. Yoga and Meditation are the doorway to this salon. There is no place like OM when it comes to their body-mind-spirit wellness and beauty. Whatever makeover you do to look gorgeous, unless you pay attention to the inner wealth of beauty, you are not likely to achieve your beauty goals. The practice of yoga and meditation keep a balance between your outward personality and your inner true self. A person with regular yoga practice will be beautiful inside-out and greets everyone with an uplifting smile. 

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a global humanitarian and spiritual master, popularly known as The Guru of Joy says, "For external beauty, you put on things; for real beauty, you have to drop all the things. For external beauty you have to have make-up; for your real beauty you only have to realize that you are made-up. Just wake up and see that you are beautiful. The innocence in you is so beautiful. The dance in you is so beautiful."

The goal of yoga is not to achieve physical beauty, but to experience inner happiness, which will shine through your eyes, your expressions and your attitude; it is what makes you truly beautiful. 

Science has proven that breath and emotions are connected. Every emotion has a specific breathing rhythm, and they influence each other. When you're angry, you breathe faster, and when you're sad, your exhalations are longer than your inhalations. When you are happy, your breath is expanded. Breathing has the ability to change how you feel, simply by changing the pattern. With regular practice of breathing techniques like Alternate Nostril Breathing, Bellows Breath, Shining Head Breath, life transforming  Sudarshan Kriya, you can unlock the power of breath to experience innate happiness and the power of positive emotions. 

Besides yoga, your diet, water intake, sleep and cosmetics play a huge role in bringing out your natural glow. Five minutes of Face Yoga, which massages and stretches 43 muscles of your face, will keep those wrinkles away for sure. 

Charm the World with Yoga

With the practice of Yoga, you gain better physical health, good shape and glowing skin. But Sri Sri recommends, "Complete yoga is where selfless service (Karma Yoga), knowledge (Gyan Yoga) and loving devotion (Bhakti Yoga) form the integral part of your practice. Paying attention to all these aspects of yoga, you will feel very well integrated in the society. You will charm the society with your undying smile, ever flowing happiness and enthusiasm, compassion, caring and sharing."

Meditation: A Built-In Moisturizer

Meditation is the delicate art of doing nothing. The impact of meditation will leave you with a sense of softness in your heart, leaving you relaxed, rejuvenated, energetic and happier. These internal effects work as a natural moisturizer for radiant skin. 

Next time, instead of going to a beauty salon, consider going to the Art of Living Retreat Center, where you can learn breathing techniques and pamper yourself with beautifying massages and experience your Zen. 

May you be beautifully wise and wisely beautiful.‚Äč

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