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Soaked in Serenity

by Cheyenne Bowers
Bath Rituals

While some may be partial to the quick and easy shower, there is perhaps no better way to unwind and de-stress than with a warm, relaxing bath. Though a quiet soak may be satisfying enough, you can elevate your tub session to help cleanse both your body and mind with a variety of bath rituals that suit your needs. 

Like many rituals, a bath ritual is an opportunity to take something normal (a bath) and amplify it to get clarity, set intentions and let all negativity flow down the drain. Whether you’re a fitness fiend who wants workout recovery ideas or someone who just needs help relieving everyday stresses, these bath rituals may be just what you’re looking for to quite literally wash away your troubles.

For alleviating sore muscles

When you think about baths for soreness, magnesium is the friend you need. As the second most abundant element in our bodies, it is a highly important part of everyday reactions. Yet, more often than not, people are magnesium-deficient. Since magnesium is difficult to absorb orally, a magnesium salt bath serves as the perfect alternative. 

Magnesium salt soaks can ease joint pain, muscle aches and cramps; soothe wounds, skin issues and headaches, and boost circulation. They are easy to prepare as well. Just add a cup of naturally produced magnesium flakes or Epsom salts to your warm bath, soak for 20-30 minutes and let the water do the rest.

For relieving stress and tension

While Epsom salts and magnesium flakes have been known to promote healing, a more recent revelation has been the stress-reducing benefits of CBD through skin absorption. With a variety of CBD bath bombs on the market, these ultra-relaxing baths can help eliminate unwanted stress and improve focus while also aiding in any bodily tension and pain. Customize your CBD bath ritual by adding face oils, infused shampoo or body lotion to your routine, but be sure to look for all-natural ingredients and full spectrum CBD. 

For when you just want to unwind

Aromatherapy provides a host of benefits on its own, but when paired with a bath it can elevate tub-time to new heights. While essential oils can help with many issues listed above, the real benefit of aromatherapy is its variety and customization. Feeling anxious? Try a combination of lavender, chamomile and frankincense to ease your mind before bed. Need a mood boost? Pair lemon and rosemary with a bit of thyme to help your concentration and focus. Just remember to mix with a carrier oil (jojoba, sweet almond, coconut) and consider any sensitive skin conditions before adding to your water.

While each ritual has a special focus, all can promote general health, healing and wellness. With winter upon us and cold and flu season  underway, now could be the best time to incorporate some detoxing and immune-boosting practices into your bath ritual. Give it a soak and let us know what you think.

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