Fresh Spring Color

By Kelsey Buller / March 1, 2012

When Yolo Colorhouse owners Janie Lowe and Virginia Young needed inspiration for this year’s color palette for their natural paint line, they went to the farmer’s market. “This palette pays homage to what’s happening in our communities,” Young says. “Farmer’s markets are more popular than ever, gardening interest is growing wildly and people really want to know where their food is coming from.”

Yolo’s six-color Farm-to-Table palette—stone, clay, leaf, air, grain and petal—evokes warm soil and light, red apples and tomatoes, and harvest greens. “It’s a palette that can be used throughout your
home, from room to room,” Young says.

More people are choosing nature-inspired colors because they’re easy to live with, says Marie Brown, a LEEDaccredited professional and owner of Eco-Chic Design in Lincoln, California. “These colors don’t scream for attention; they’re earthy and soothing.”


Yolo Colorhouse’s spring colors take inspiration from the farmer’s market.











Yolo Colorhouse’s deep red clay hues enliven social gathering spots such as family rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.











Yolo Colorhouse’s light green leaf tones sing in open spaces.







American Clay’s deep gray-green stone gives a powder room drama.











American Clay’s light air hue is perfect for hallways, ceiling and trim.


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