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Summer’s Spring Forecast

by Zoe Helene

Summer Rayne Oakes says new sustainable dyeing techniques are bringing fresh, bright color to the runways this spring.

1 “I’m seeing a lot of carry-over from the season before, so a lot of artisan fabrics and color. African textiles, batiks, items with indigenous flare, and by ‘indigenous’ I mean culturally relevant. That’s continuing.”
One Shoulder in #1 Stunna in authentic Ghanaian cotton wax from Akosombo Textile Limited. (Source4Style.com). Design by Afia.  shopafia.com
“Source4Style connected me to an exceptional artisinal fabric designer and businesswoman named Edwina, whose batik (a tie and dye method) I will be working into my Summer 12 collection.” – Meghan Sebold, Designer AFIA


2 “Then there’s this other side that’s very clean and idealist. Not bohemian, necessarily, but classic, simple, clean.”
Organic Cotton Box Top in Dark Oatmeal and Organic Linen Drawstring Pant from Eileen Fisher. eileenfisher.com


3 “Innovation in textile printing processes like digital printing and air dyeing (a new way to dye and print fabric without using water) enables new expression.”
Design by Costello Tagliapietra. costellotagliapietra.com

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