Pura Botanica


Pura Botanica’s Freshly Minted Collection delivers certified natural hair and body care that cleanses, conditions and moisturizes with ingredients that are as luxurious as they are good for you.  The line includes four mint-infused products—True Shampoo, In Condition, Lotion to Love, and Body Beautiful Cleanser—that will transform your daily bathing ritual into a restorative, invigorating experience—like an aromatherapy suite in your home.  True Shampoo removes hair’s impurities with eucalyptus, while vitamins E, B5, and wheat protein strengthen.  In Condition invigorates your scalp with South African Marula nut oil; jojoba seed and peppermint oils unclog follicles.  Body Beautiful Cleanser maintains your skin with moisturizing organic aloe and shea butter, and Lotion to Love protects with avocado, coconut and olive oils.

The Shampoo, Lotion, and Cleanser carry the Natural Products Association (NPA) seal, which means they meet the organization’s standards of ingredient purity, animal and environmental safety and sustainability.  “I have worked for three years to develop an NPA-certified hair-and-body collection that is made in the USA,” says Christy Booth, Pura Botanica’s Founder and President. “We are so pleased with this collection and think it will meet the needs of the eco and the luxury beauty products shopper.” www.puraproducts.com