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Alapure Cosmetics Marula Oil

by Organic Spa Magazine
Marula Oil—The Timeless, Ageless Beauty Secret for Beautiful, Healthy Skin

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Because We Care

We know you care about what goes on your skin as much as what goes into your body—so do we! That is why we created our products with organic South African marula oil and other carefully selected ingredients from around the world that are known to promote beautiful, healthy skin.

Packed into the kernels of the marula fruit is the elixir of youth—marula oil. Its high concentration of oleic acid and other skin-friendly nutrients allow marula oil to readily penetrate deep into the skin where its rich concentration of anti-oxidants work at the cellular level to regenerate new skin and stimulate collagen production—giving your skin that beautiful glow you have always dreamed of.

Africans have used marula oil for millennia to treat cuts, scrapes and stretch marks. Its curative properties are excellent for the skin. They have also used it for protection from the sun—rendering that timeless, ageless quality to their complexions. Its light, super-absorbent property ensures that it does not clog pores and makes it suitable for all skin types.

A Magical Blend

100% pure organic marula oil readily penetrates deep beneath the skin’s surface, while organic sunflower oil with it high linoleic acid content provides a remarkable complement to lock moisture in where it nourishes, protects and offers even greater resistance to damaging environmental elements.

Other Ingredients: organic lavender, mandarin, rosemary and cedarwood essential oils, sandalwood absolute and orange peel extract


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