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The New (and Green) InterContinental New York Barclay Hotel

by Juliana Lytkowski

The InterContinental Barclay Hotel is easily one of the most renowned hotels in New York City. After making a grand debut in 1926, the hotel has never looked better after a $180 million, 20-month renovation to redesign the Barclay’s timeless elegance with a sustainable and eco-friendly touch.

“The InterContintntal New York Barclay has been a Manjattan feature for more than 90 years,” says Herve Houdre, General Manager of the New York Barclay. “While the rejuvenation of the Barclay inspires us to look back and reflect on the hotel’s storied past, it also allows the hotel to open a new chapter, welcoming a new generation of globally-minded guests who are looking for a residential-style New York escape.”

In a responsible approach to business and service, the new Barclay is aiming to be the first hotel to aligh with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The agenda serves as a plan of action to shift the world onto a more sustainable path, and includes goals that relate to promoting equality, health, and sustainable development.

Committed to environmental protection, The Barclay supports a number of ecological initiatives which we applaud them for. One of those is the Billion Dollar Oyster Project, which helps grow oysters, build reefs and monitors water quality.

Locally, The Barclay is providing work and growth opportunities through the IHG Academy, which allows the hotel to collaborate with educational institutions and community groups that focus on helping locals build hospitality skills and employability.

Following suit with their desire to be socially responsible, the hotel also partners with City Harvest to combat hunger in the five boroughs.

As if all of that wasn’t enough to prove their commitment to sustainability and the environment, the hotel is also working with Clean The World. This organization works towards saving lives by repurposing items that would traditionally end up in a landfill.

Next time you are in New York City for business or for a relaxing escape, we recommend booking your stay at The Barclay. Trust us, and the environment will thank you too.

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