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Healing Therapies

by Nora Zelevansky

These three healers create beneficial essential oil formulations to use in practice with clients, but also for the world to enjoy at home. 


Owner: Michael Scholes

Healing Practice: The aromatic consultant, therapeutic formulator and natural perfumer uses Chinese Astrology to evaluate each client’s primary element and imbalances, then performs an intuitive aromatic reading. Finally, he customizes blends and remedies to correct the imbalance that is creating discomfort.

Launched: Scholes began by studying psychology, food as medicine and massage, and launched his own line in 1993, which now features over 350 essential oils.

Philosophy: Our sense of smell connects us to the past through memory, both genetic and chemical.

Collection Includes: The Organic Essential Oil Line, Remedies from the Aromatic Library, Therapeutic Perfumes, as well as organic products for bath, body, skin, hair and the environment—all handmade to order. labofflowers.com


Owner: Dr. Pratima Raichur

Healing Practice: At Dr. Raichur’s spa in New York City, she treats the root cause of both facial skin concerns (from sensitivity to acne to aging) and body concerns (from stretch marks to pain) with aroma-therapeutic, 100 percent natural, organic essential oil formulas, guided by Ayurveda.

Launched: The healing science of Ayurveda has been passed down through the generations of Dr. Raichur’s family. She apprenticed at 13 years old, which led her to earn degrees in Ayurveda, chemistry, botany and naturopathy and eventually apply that collective knowledge to her handmade skincare line (over which she recites sacred mantras).

Philosophy: No single element exists independently from the whole.

Collection Includes: Face oils and body oils for every specific skin concern under the sun. pratimaskincare.com


Owner: Kiera Nachman

Healing Practice: NYC-based Nachman treats clients through Ayurvedic and nutritional consultation, Reiki, personalized Ayurvedic detox plans and Abhyanga (the anointing of the body with oils to balance the nervous system, hormones and boost immunity).

Launched: The Ayurvedic practitioner launched her balancing skincare collection, Sundara (“beautiful” in Sanskrit) out of her Brooklyn kitchen. Nachman creates each product by hand while chanting an ancient Vedic mantra and practicing Reiki for high-frequency healing.

Philosophy: Nurturing health on the inside results in outer beauty.

Collection Includes: Categorized by dosha and condition, serums, body oils, facial treatments, eye creams, lip balms, hair oils, baths salts and more. sundaraholistic.com

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