NATURAL BEAUTY: Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari’s beautiful face is familiar from her roles on The Hills and Laguna Beach. Five years ago, when her first son was born, Cavallari, mother of three, decided to change her lifestyle and switch over to natural and organic living. “I’m constantly reading ingredient labels,” she says. “I read ingredient labels on everything,” she continues. “Cleaning products, food and makeup.”

Eating organic food is a number one priority for the actor, with a caveat—she stays away from dairy: “My family is sensitive to it.” She uses natural cleaning products and says she is “obsessed” with Young Living Thieves’ Spray. Cavallari loves their essential oils and uses them “for everything. I never travel without lavender and peppermint: a little lavender oil on the pillow helps me relax and get to sleep, and peppermint is so good for stomach issues,” she says. “Grapefruit essential oil is energizing in the summer, and in winter, I love an immune-boosting blend of lavender, lemon, oregano and frankincense.” A beauty secret: “I put a few drops of frankincense in my moisturizer,” she says. “It’s anti-aging, and great for skin.”

Cavallari is helping launch the new makeup line called Savvy Minerals by Young Living. Savvy Minerals is a clean line of mineral makeup, which includes everything from foundation to a full range of colors for lips and eyes.

With summer makeup, she says, “less is more.” One of her favorite colors is an eye shadow called Determined. “You can do a light dusting on your lid for a natural look, or you can layer on more and really smoke out your eye,” she says. The Savvy Mineral Powder Veil is “very light, with a subtle shimmer,” she says. It also gets rid of shine and looks gorgeous on cheeks.

When it comes to summer skincare, “there’s a misconception that you don’t need to moisturize for summer, but you do.” Cavallari applies a hydrating mask once a week, to keep her skin looking dewy. The most important thing about makeup? “It’s all about taking care of your skin.” 

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